India’s First Pure White Mahindra Thar – THIS IS IT!

The second generation Mahindra Thar is already a huge success story, with several off-roading enthusiasts having bought the new SUV for their off-roading expeditions. In fact, even those who haven’t been keen off-roaders have put their money on this new model for the great macho appeal it offers whilst being a more practical offering for regular use than the version it has replaced. The new-gen Thar has been available in many paint shades but there are always some who prefer to give their vehicle a new colour to suit their tastes. Only days ago, we brought to you the ‘Thar-bie’, which is nothing but a new-gen Thar wrapped in bubblegum pink. And today, what we have with us is possibly the first-ever pure white new Mahindra Thar ever. This modification has been carried out by Sikand Car World Pvt Ltd.

As can be seen in the short video clip we have above, the customizers have given this new Mahindra Thar an all-white theme on the outside. In fact, the pure white theme has been taken so seriously that there’s hardly panel left that doesn’t come draped in white. The visual modifications don’t end here. The stock grille has been replaced with a sleeker unit while the original alloys have made way for replica Audi spider alloys that seem to measure at least 20-inch in diameter. They’re shod with wider and lower profile rubber. Yet another highlight is the automatic side step, which takes position as you open the door and neatly tucks under the body as you close the door.

The interior, however, doesn’t get an all-white theme and instead comes with an all-tan scheme that gives the cabin a very premium touch. As can be seen above, the dashboard has been fitted with pink ambient lighting while the stock touchscreen unit has made way for a wider aftermarket unit. The party trick here is the dual sunroof setup. Basically, the sunroof in the front is an electric unit while at the rear, there’s an entry-level pop-up sunroof unit that can be opened slightly through a hinge mechanism provided on the inside. When needed, the glass panel can be easily taken off by undoing a few screws.

white mahindra thar images exterior interior

It’s not known if this all-white new Mahindra Thar has even received any performance update but given the fact that there would be increased rolling resistance from the bigger wheels, we do hope the motor has been tweaked a bit for additional grunt. The new-gen Thar has been available with two engine options – 2.2-litre turbo-diesel and 2.0-litre turbo petrol. The former outputs 130PS-300Nm, while the latter produces 150PS-320Nm. Transmission options include a 6-speed manual and a 6-speed automatic unit for both the motors. 4WD is offered as standard.

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