Delhi Government Cancels Subsidy On Tata Nexon EV – Find Out How Tata Motors Responded!

We had reported earlier that a Nexon EV owner filed a complaint against Tata Motors. The reason for that was, the EV owner was not able to get the claimed range of 312 kms from the SUV. Tata Motors claims a range of 312 kms which was tested by ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India). ARAI is an independent organization that performs testing on all production vehicles in the country to come up with standard parameters, for example, fuel mileage for ICE and range for electric cars. ARAI tests vehicles under various scenarios and comes up with a number. In this case, however, the EV owner said that he had tried all the ways which were recommended by the carmaker to maximize the range but were still not getting the desired results. Delhi Government had, therefore, issued notice to Tata Motors demanding a response. Let us take a look in detail, how the situation panned out.

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Tata Nexon EV

Cancellation of Subsidy

The Delhi Transport Department has delisted the Nexon EV from its list of EVs, eligible for subsidy under Government’s initiatives to promote the mass adoption of electric vehicles. Government has various policies running which exempt the EVs from various kinds of charges, in the form of subsidies. Considering electrification as the mobility solution for the future, the government is supporting the infrastructure development and initial costs for the buyers for quick and easy expansion of the market. However, after having reviewed the matter at hand, it has removed the EV for receiving a subsidy for now. It will be interesting to see if they decide to put it back if Tata Motors tried to fix the situation.

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Tata Motors’ Response

In a response to the Delhi Government, Tata Motors has expressed its intentions to work the situation out and engage constructively with the customers. Additionally, they have stated that the range of the EV depends on various factors including the driving mannerisms, AC usage among other things. The range certified by ARAI is under a particular cycle with all the measures taken to maximize it. The real-world numbers are almost always lower than that. Still, Tata Motors will try to find a solution for this and would want the Nexon EV back on the list of subsidies offered by the Government.

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Tata Nexon EV

The Nexon EV has a decent battery pack of 30.20 kWh capacity and a range of 312 km. The power that the EV makes is an impressive 129hp and 245Nm torque. Regular charging from 10% to 90% takes around 8.5 hours, whereas 0-80% with a DC faster charger takes just one hour. The monthly subscription fee is Rs 29,500 for 3 years. The Nexon EV is well within the reach of customers with prices ranging from Rs 13.99 lakh to Rs 16.40 lakh, ex-showroom. 

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