Delhi Government is planning to use Microdot technology to curb vehicle theft

In order to control rising vehicle thefts in the Capital, Delhi Government is planning to use Microdot technology to curb the cases of rising thefts in NCR. Soon, the Government will make it standard across all the automobile brands to use this technology. 

Vehicle thefts are on an alarming rise in the Delhi NCR. Recently, there was a report saying that more than 4 vehicles are stolen every hour in Delhi. Most of these gangs are from the neighbouring states who want a quick money source. Even after installing GPS and anti-theft alarm, it can be broken or damaged. Once damaged, it would not function and thus cannot reveal you the location or play the siren when someone has forcefully opened it. In order to curb this crime, Delhi Government is planning to use Microdot technology on each vehicle sold. With this, Delhi Government says that it will be easy to locate the car even if it is dismantled.

Delhi Government vehicle theft image

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With this technology, thousands of small dots laser etched with vehicle identification number will be sprayed throughout the vehicle body, which includes their engines. These dots are impossible to remove because they are not visible to the naked eye. This method is extensively used in countries like South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Taiwan, Canada, the US and the European Union.

Microdots are basically nano-sized particles in different shapes. These particles have a marking and different numbers. Thousands of metal microdots having unique ids are sprayed over the vehicle, which is linked to the registration number of the vehicle. Even if the parts are sold separately, it can be traced back to the owner.

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In case if you report a missing vehicle, the Delhi Government will have a database. From the database, the location of these microdots can be found. It might lead us to the car or any part of the car. It will be mandatory for the automobile brands to follow this norm for every vehicle they manufacture, once the norms are kicked in.

The Central Motor Vehicles Rule 1989 – Technical Standing Committee (CMVR-TSC), is the government’s highest automobile technical standard making body. This body will finalise the norms and rules with 1-2 months. Once the norm is passed, it will be mandatory for every vehicle maker.

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Currently, Delhi is the top leader for vehicle thefts, ahead of Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. In Delhi, around 125 cars are stolen every day. These cars include small cars right from Maruti 800 to premium Mercedes and BMWs. So, let’s see how much times does this new technology takes time and does Delhi Government reduce the vehicle theft.