DERKA Names Audi A4 as “Best of All Classes” In Used Car Report of 2011

DERKA is a renowned International organization from Germany working with vehicle inspections, expert appraisals, international claims management, consulting etc. as its prominent services. In its Used Car report of 2011, DERKA has awarded Audi A4 the renowned “Best of All Classes” title.


image – Audi A4 Sedan India

Each year, the DEKRA experts award the title “Best of All Classes” to the model with the lowest fault rate across three mileage classes. Since the ranking was introduced in 2008, of all brands the most reliable car with the fewest faults has always been an Audi. The Audi A6 topped the overall ranking in the previous three years; this year the Audi A4 is the “Best of All Classes.” This underscores the long-term quality of this mid-size model, which is available at dealerships with a new and improved look and technology since January.

As part of the Used Car Report, which was previously called the Faults Report, the DEKRA testing organization examines the quality and safety of vehicles. From a total of 15 million cars examined, which are divided into eight different categories, DEKRA creates a specific fault profile in three mileage classes for each vehicle type. The model with the best average from all three mileage classes is named “Best of All Classes.”

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