Doctor Drives Maruti Brezza Into Canal After Following Google Maps

Google maps might well be the most reliable application to reach any destination anywhere, but it also comes with its own share of epic fails.

In a weird occurrence, a Maruti Brezza fell into a canal by following Google Maps. Now, Google Maps is the most common application used by the masses to go from one place to another across the globe. In India, everyone relies on it to scout and plan any route while travelling in an unknown area. With an immensely dense road network in the country over the last few years and people travelling a lot more, Google Maps becomes critical to get around. However, it comes with its own share of glitches and epic fails.

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Brezza Ends Up In A River By Following Google Maps

This video clip has been uploaded by YouTuber Nikhil Rana. He posts content to raise awareness regarding road safety in India. He mentions that he has been misled by Google Maps a couple of times as well. But in this case, a group of travellers are seen stuck on the road after they followed the maps which led them to a road which was still under construction. Moreover, the actual road was a couple of hours away from that location. The driver is vividly seen as surprised by the fact that Google Maps showed them this road.

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In other instances, a Maruti Brezza in Kerala ended up in a river after they followed the route on Google Maps. This journey was undertaken during the night time which is not uncommon because some people prefer driving at night to avoid traffic jams. But the lack of street lights and visibility on the roads can lead to safety concerns. That was the reason for this unfortunate incident as well. Thankfully, the local villagers observed the car and came to help and rescue the family which even had a child.

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maruti brezza drives into canal
Maruti Brezza drives into a canal after following Google Maps.

Many such instances have been reported in India. However, it must be mentioned that Google Maps can’t be blamed for these. At the end of the day, the driver should be able to see these obstacles on the road. Perhaps, people overspeed causing them to lose control when such a situation arises. Hence, following traffic rules is the main weapon with which one can tackle precarious situations on the road.

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