Is it IMPOSSIBLE to Get Insurance for Electric Scooter?

Electric Scooters in India don’t require registration but that is a problem for insurance companies. Technically, the insurance companies need vehicle registration to process or offer insurance to ply on the roads. However, things become ambiguous when electric vehicles are not required to get themselves registered. In such cases, the insurance companies deny offering cover because the vehicle hasn’t been registered. However, it is a bit risky for the EV owner. An electric scooter still plies on the roads and is susceptible to damages and accidents. This also applies to the riders and occupants along with third-party damage. No to mention, the danger of getting the EV stolen is there too. The batteries are expensive and relatively easy to remove.

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Electric Scooters Insurance Registration

The customers are in a state of a dilemma on how to tackle such a situation. There could be injuries to the rider or damage to the scooter/EV. But there can’t claim insurance and might have to pay for the damages incurred by the other party. Not to mention personal injuries must also be taken into account. In a forum discussion on the Team BHP website, one EV owner raised this issue and asked for other readers’ opinions. There are a few interesting angles to consider to come to a conclusion. Let us check them out one by one.

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Electric Scooters Insurance Without Registration

Some people suggested that in formal terms, an electric scooter is considered a bicycle that doesn’t require registration or insurance. On the other hand, the speeds that the E-Scooters are able to reach are in the region of a regular automobile. This could easily translate into a fatal accident. One of the members of the forum suggested that one should go to the insurance companies to ask for some different product which could cover the damages and expenses in case of any mishap. Another one suggested that the E-scooter owner should approach IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority) to highlight that no provision is there in the sector. Hence, they must bring some policy change or introduce some way of allowing the insurance companies to offer cover to the EVs even without registration.

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