Using Fevicol Instead of Engine Oil in Hero Splendor is the Stupidest Thing You’ll See Today

Here is a unique experiment involving putting fevicol in the engine of a Hero Splendor. Before we dive into the details of this bizarre procedure, we have to warn our readers that they must not imitate this exercise. The aim of the YouTuber through these experiments is to offer some entertainment to the audience. It goes without saying that this will invariably damage the engine and cause a health hazard for the one riding it. Let us get into the details of what is being done in this case.

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Fevicol in Hero Splendor Engine

The video has been created by ARV Brothers on YouTube. This channel showcases various trials and unique activities involving motorcycles. In this video, the YouTuber brings 1 kg packing of the adhesive and plans to put it in the engine of the bike. Thereafter, he takes his Hero Splendor into his workshop and mechanics get the existing engine oil out. Finally, they replaced it with fevicol. Realising that the emulsion is too thick, they add a couple of glasses of water to fevicol before filling it in the engine.

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Closing the engine shut, the YouTuber takes the bike out for a ride on the street. As seen from the video, the bike runs without any issues for a few minutes. The YouTuber asks his mechanics to take the motorbike out for test rides too. After running a few laps, the fevicol starts to affect the performance and the bike comes to a standstill. As the team opens up the engine cap, the fevicol spills out. After that, the bike refuses to start. This is expected as the fevicol solution gets circulated to every part of the engine.

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Motorcycle to be Reused for More Such Experiments

In the final phase of the video, the team opens up the entire engine. The white paste is seen on every part of the engine. The YouTuber decides not to work the engine too hard and clean it up before the damage gets too much. He plans to use this very bike for various future projects as well in a bid to create some interesting content. What are your thoughts on this weird experiment?

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Fevicol in the Engine of a Hero Splendor
Fevicol in the Engine of a Hero Splendor

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