Cobra in Hero Splendor: Watch its Rescue

Monsoon season comes with its typical traits which are unlike any other time of the year and requires special care and caution.

In a unique development, a 3-foot-long cobra was rescued from the engine of a Hero Splendor. This incident has been reported from Kota, Rajasthan. Monsoon season causes a ton of insects and reptiles that live underground to come out since the ground is inundated in water. This is especially true if the car or the two-wheeler is parked in an area covered in thick grass. In search of finding warm places, these replies often end up in people’s houses or car engines.

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Cobra Rescued From Hero Splendor

The video has been uploaded on YouTube by a News18 news channel. In the clip, a snake charmer is seen trying to bring the cobra out of the engine of a Hero Splendor. The snake has found a home underneath the fuel tank of the motorcycle which is where the engine is located. It is possible that the reptile found a warm spot and decided to curl up in the warmth while the bike was parked. However, when the owner came back, he was surprised to find the snake on the bike. Not knowing what to do, he called for the specialist who deals with snakes every day.

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There is a huge crowd gathered around the bike to witness how this person will be able to take the snake out safely. The person is seen with a long rod that snake charmers typically use to control the snakes. He tries to pull out the snake a couple of times, but the 3-foot-long cobra kept recoiling and going inside. After a few futile attempts, he decided to lay the bike down on the ground and try to entice the snake. However, after a few attempts, the endeavour resulted in failure too. Finally, the bike was put back in the upright position and the person tried one more time.

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3-feet long cobra rescued from hero splendor
3-feet long Cobra rescued from Hero Splendor

During this time, the snake charmer got hold of the tail of the snake. He didn’t let go and forcefully pulled out the snake trapping and controlling it using his curved rod. Finally, the snake was rescued and released in the open in the surrounding areas so that it could not hurt anyone. In the monsoons, one has to take care of parking their automobiles in the open near the green areas. There have been a ton of such cases in the past as well where the snakes have found a home inside the engine bay or underneath the cars. If you are driving the car after a long time that was parked near the green area in the open, it is a great idea to have a look under the bonnet before commencing your trip.

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