Fiat Linea T-Jet (Re)Launch On 10th June 2013


Fiat has not been doing well in India and the company’s sales volumes are getting dismal with each passing month. But Fiat is not done yet with the Indian market as the company has some real aggressive plans for 2013. After Fiat had first launched the Linea T-Jet in India, the company had some real high hopes from the car as it was the only car in the sub Rs.10 lakh bracket to come with a turbo charged petrol motor.

Updated on 7th June 2013

Fiat will be launching the Linea T-Jet on 10th June 2013 at Mumbai. Fiat India’s Facebook page shows a partial photo of the Linea with ‘coming soon’ written above it, the car is also sponsoring the ‘Man Of Steel’ movie franchise.

Updated on 16th April 2013

But the car’s sales figures suggested otherwise and the car was soon taken off the showrooms. It turns out that Fiat is planning to bring the ¬†Fiat Linea T-Jet New Model¬†back on the Indian roads and has updated its India specific website with the car’s listing. The Fiat Linea T-Jet has been listed on the Fiat website but there’s no price tag attached to it. We can expect a price announcement from Fiat in near future for sure.



The Linea T-Jet will be offered in two variants when it gets launched. It will come in Emotion and Dynamic variants so as to have a slightly wider reach. The Linea T-Jet will be offered in a new packaging by Fiat and the car will get a bump in the ground clearance of the car. The Linea T-Jet which was taken off the roads had a ground clearance of 170mm but the newer one will come with a ground clearance of 185mm and 190mm in Dynamic and Emotion variants respectively.

The Linea T-Jet has a 1.4 litre turbo charged petrol motor which develops a maximum power of 114PS and a peak torque of 207NM. The car will come with 16 inchers and disc brakes on all the wheels of the car. The car not only goes fast, but will come to a halt quite quick as well. The car has always been the most fun to drive car that money can buy under Rs.10 lakhs and it is ready for a second innings in the country.