Fiat Panda 2012 Breaks Cover At Frankfurt Motor Show- Details And Comparison With Maruti Wagon R


If you talk about the best selling cars in the market the only and only products to be considered come from Maruti Suzuki’s stable. The first car to top the charts is Maruti Alto K10  followed by the next best selling car, Maruti Wagon R. Let us talk about Wagon R only which looks like a box in structure, is good in terms of space with best in class legroom and headroom, brilliant fuel efficiency and also has the element of practicality.

The car has nothing distinctive other than the Maruti Suzuki prefix but considering the price sensitive market, the viability of the car has been amazing and there is no way for any failures. But I believe that its been in the market for quite some time and now we do need something better in terms of quality, drivability and refreshment. By better I did not mean any existing cars but a new product which could take over Wagon R’s share.


Ever heard of Fiat Panda ? It is the one of the best selling models in Europe and Fiat till date has a recorded total sales of 6.5 million units of the same. The Panda holds the same position in Europe that the Wagon R does in India and is therefore a very relevant competition to the latter. Although there is no news concerned with its entry in India anytime soon but when it will arrive, it might be a better choice than the Wagon R for the following reasons:

Dimensions of both the cars

  • Fiat Panda
    • 3650mm long
    • 1640mm wide
    • 1550mm high
  • Wagon R
    • 3595mm long
    • 1495mm wide
    • 1670mm high

Quite evidently the panda is more roomier on the sides and along the length but in terms of height the Wagon R would still be a better car.


  • The car is again boxy in design but importantly it is refreshing and unique. Fiat styling director Roberto Giolito has given the car a compact shape but also a funky and sparkling appearance.
  • The Wagon R’s design is good enough but when modified with skirting, spoiler and roof rails looks extremely ugly. On the other hand looks are a plus point for Panda as it carries a simple yet cute look with and without any modifications both.
  • The roof rails, overall designing placement of tail lamps, alloys are just an addon to the already cute appearance of the car.


  • From the outside to the inside everything is simple and rectangular in design. The interiors are quite good with brilliantly designed dashboard, a nice instrument cluster. From the AC vents to the knobs, buttons etc. everything is rectangular and contemporary making you feel that you are sitting in the right car
  • Coming to the technical aspect it is available in three engines worldwide
    • 900c Twin Air two-cylinder engine delivering 65 BHP
    • 1.2L four-cylinder petrol engine with 69-hp or 75 BHP
    • 1.3-liter Multijet diesel with 75 BHP
  • Some of the standard features include:
    • Transparent electric “Skydome” sun roof
    • A Hi-Fi system with CD/MP3 player
    • 4 airbags (front and window)
    • ABS complete with BAS (Brake Assist System)
    • Daytime Running Lights
    • Dualdrive electric power steering with “City” function
  • Pricing as per experts, since the actual price is yet to be announced, will be around 6 Lakh rupees

Now I am sure when the car is brought to India Fiat will definitely trim down many of the class leading features to bring the cost down and make it fit into the Wagon R segment. Do not expect 4 airbags and sunroof, the Brake Assist system and the daytime running lights in the Indian model but overall quality and comfort of the car will definitely be maintained. This assures us that at the time of its arrival it will become a preference for new buyers who would like to own a better car in terms of quality, comfort and design.

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  1. It is ironic that despite such a beautiful designs and best in class engineering, Fiat is not able to impress indian customers, more than 70% of cars in india is having fiat engines, but when it comes to Cars, we are so reluctant to accept it. Strange isn’t it.

    Just to Mention: Punto is my Favourite.

    – Balwinder Singh

  2. you are right balwinder when i was planning to buy punto everyone told me that fiat is not reliable and so many excuses but i listen to my heart and buy a punto and it completed a year and feel like new . My decision was right

  3. I’ll be the first one to book Panda4x4 if it arrives in India.I’m ready to pay booking amount now if FIAT-India promises the delivery of this beauty within even SIX months.
    FIAT-India are YOU listening….!
    S A SHAH,NIT,Srinagar-6,India

  4. How can you compare Panda with Wagon-r. No way!!!! Its totally a different car. Brilliant from Fiat. Expecting the Indian launch soon

  5. Panda has the potential to win Indian market. Great design. Compact. cute. Can we expect a launch soon ???? please send updates.


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