Five Best Cars in India Below 20 Lakhs


The sub-20 lakh segment is considered the stepping stone to the luxury segment in India. This list would have been very different some 5 years back. Back then, 20 lakhs would have easily fetched you a Superb or a Fortuner. But car prices have gone up since then and the same money would now fetch you cars belonging to a segment lower. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as you can get a fully-loaded, feature-laden top level trims of these cars. The question, though, remains the same. What are the best cars in India below 20 lakhs? We have compiled for you a list of the five best cars in India below 20 lakhs. Read on to find out more…

Best Cars In India Below 20 Lakhs, Top Cars Under 20 Lakhs

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List of Best Cars in India below 20 Lakhs

Top 5 Best Cars in India Under 20 lakhs       
Hyundai Elantra Rs. 12.99 – 19.19 lakhs
Skoda Octavia Rs. 16.64 – 22.65 lakhs
Mahindra XUV500 Rs. 12.09 – 18.03 lakhs
Toyota Corolla Altis Rs. 13.79 – 18.67 lakhs
Toyota Innova Crysta Rs. 13.73 – 20.93 lakhs



Hyundai brought the sixth gen Elantra to India to replace the older model that had a fairly successful run. Armed with stunning looks, thanks to Hyundai’s fluidic design language, a powerful petrol engine, frugal diesel engine, feature-rich cabin and great pricing, the Elantra is a very competent package overall. The refinement and interior space is also top notch making it evident that the Korean car maker has worked hard to iron out the previous car’s flaws.

2016-hyundai-elantra-test-drive-review-images- (9)

Price (ex-showroom Delhi) Price: Rs. 12.99-19.19 lakh
Engine Options 2.0 litre petrol (147 bhp & 196 Nm)

1.6 litre diesel (126 bhp & 265 Nm)

Transmission Options 6-speed manual/6-speed automatic

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The Octavia brand name helped Skoda establish itself in India and is responsible for the positives buyers attach with the brand. After a very successful run, the Octavia name was replaced with the Laura, which was essentially a rebadged next-gen Octavia. However, the company decided to resurrect the brand name with the launch of the latest generation Octavia in India. What you get now is a car that is the best in almost every aspect. The new design language gives it a very distinct appeal, space is class leading and so is the comfort level. Also, it gets a long list of features and the most powerful engines in its segment. The interiors are exceptionally well made and ooze class and quality.

best cars in india below 20 lakhs skoda-octavia

Powerful engines mean the Octavia is fun to drive, but since the petrol version gets a different and better suspension setup compared to the diesel, it rides even better and is more comfortable. The Skoda Octavia is easily one of the best cars in India below 20 lakhs. Perhaps the only flaw is Skoda’s shoddy aftersales support.

Price (ex-showroom Delhi) Rs. 16.64 – 22.65 lakh
Engine Options 1.4 litre petrol (138 bhp & 250 Nm)

1.8 litre petrol (177 bhp & 250 Nm)

2.0 litre diesel (141 bhp & 320 Nm)

Transmission Options 6-speed manual/6-speed automatic


The XUV500 was a game changer for Mahindra in India. It helped them shed the utilitarian brand image. It ditched the conventional ladder frame chassis for a more dynamically accomplished monocoque frame combining the traits of an SUV with a modern day hatchback/sedan. The result was a SUV that had the dynamics of a crossover/hatchback. The XUV500 has its own distinct styling that has been well received by the public. Mahindra has packed the car to its gills with features, some of which can put more expensive cars to shame.

best cars in india below 20 lakhs mahindra-xuv500

There are still a few issues with the XUV though such as the ride, which isn’t the most comfortable. And even though Mahindra has tried hard, some quality issues still remain. The fit and finish of certain bits inside is disappointing.

Price (ex-showroom Delhi) Rs 12.09-18.03 lakh
Engine Options 2.2 litre diesel (140 bhp & 330 Nm)
Transmission Options 6-speed manual/6-speed Automatic

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The new Innova from Toyota has taken the market by storm, especially for car that costs at least around 15 lakhs on road. It is a great alternative to the conventional D-Segment sedans and SUVs. The 2016 Toyota Innova Crysta gets a spacious and premium interior, long list of features and comfortable seating for seven. Also, the new Innova comes with really powerful petrol and diesel engine options along with a choice of automatic and manual transmissions. Top-end variants do seem overpriced, but that hasn’t kept buyers away.

toyota innova crysta review images

Price (ex-showroom Delhi) Rs. 13.73 – 20.93 lakh
Engine Options 2.7 litre petrol (164 bhp & 245 Nm)

2.4 litre diesel (148 bhp & 343 Nm)

2.8 litre Diesel ( 172 bhp & 360 Nm)

Transmission Options 5-speed manual/6-speed automatic


The Corolla has always sold in decent numbers in the Indian market. Most of this is thanks to its solid built, comfortable ride and good value for money. The Altis looks great and retains the positives of the previous generation models. It offers good interior space and the rear seats can even recline.

best cars in india below 20 lakhs toyota corolla altis diesel

The only real problem with the Corolla is the Diesel motor which just doesn’t seem right in a car costing around 20 lakhs. At just 87 bhp, it is less powerful than cars from a segment below, which is hard to digest. But the car is aimed at buyers who would mostly hand it over to their chauffeurs, in which case the lack of power might not be a major issue. The Toyota Corolla Altis is set to receive comprehensive makeover next year.

Price (ex-showroom Delhi) Rs. 13.79 – 18.67 lakh
Engine Options 1.8 litre petrol (138 bhp & 173 Nm)

1.4 litre diesel (87 bhp & 205 Nm)

Transmission Options 6-speed manual/CVT-i (Petrol Only)

What do you think about our list of five best cars in India below 20 lakhs? Do let us know in the comments section below. Also, stay tuned to Car Blog India for more posts like the Best Cars in India below 20 Lakhs post that we have here.

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  1. What about Jetta. If you are including Laura then the cousin Jetta also to be listed in top car under the price range.

  2. Please see again, it is the new Octavia and not the Laura. And the new Octavia has been included instead of the Jetta because it comes across as a better proposition for a typical car buyer.


  3. How come cruze is missed here ? Cruze is most powerful car of the segment, infect more powerful than Audi A4 or BMW 3. It generates 164 bhp at 3800 rpm, unmatchable !!
    Why do some one needs to waste 20 lacs for 1.4 cc engine in Altis, Honda city is more powerful than Altis.No sun roof!! Cost cutting in interiors with Diesel varient.
    Octavia leg in Design, need attention to differentiate between Rapid and Octavia!! Perception of being under 15 lacs car due to Octavia name.

    No comments for Mahindra XUV 500, I cant dare to compare Tata and Mahindra with any other brand!! God save the buyers.

    Cruze is No1 car of the segment having masculine looks, Most powerful, Sun roof, A class interior.

  4. not many options for car buyers in the range of 16 lakhs to 20 lakhs. Yeti doesnt sell at all, it has out priced itself from the beginning. Elantra is on the way out and new model is coming in. Altis and octavia seem to be the only option but octavia 1.4 petrol on road price is more than 20 lakhs.
    Cruze seems to be the best bet but old design and limited leg room in the rear seat. Buyers of this segment will be better off settling for a top end model of a lower segment car (cretta, brv, duster, city automatic and even innova crysta) or go with something like jetta/octavia/fortuner which would cost more than 25 lakhs on road.

  5. There is some partiality in the review. Why don’t you consider Honda City in that list, which is more powerful and far better than Hyundai Elanthra and Toyota Altis.

  6. The City can’t match the quality and comfort of an Elantra or an Altis, both of which are from a segment above and are overall much better products. The City’s quality has gone down in recent times and the Diesel engine is archaic. Also, the Maruti Ciaz makes the City look way overpriced. Hence, I would like to disagree to your belief of the post being partial. \


  7. Skoda Octavia that you mentioned is the worst car in the segment. Not only the high price that it shows, but even the post sales cost and subsequent maintenance that is required is also exorbitant. Another factor that is showing up on the net is the persistent problems with it Clutch and Gear Box assembly that many customers have complained about. Not worth a buy to avoid constant nagging maintenance problems post purchase.


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