Ford EcoSport Urban Discovery Contest Launched– Win A Ford EcoSport!


Ford may not be disclosing its EcoSport Launch date in India, but the launch date is certainly around the corner as the company has started advertising the EcoSport. Ford has started the "EcoSport Urban Discoveries" promotional campaign which can make you win a EcoSport when the competition needs. You just need to do a few things and you can get to drive the EcoSport before the official launch and who knows, you could drive home a Ford EcoSport by participating in Ford EcoSport Urban Discovery Contest.

Ford EcoSport Urban Discovery Contest

Firstly you need to signup on the website and then you need to show a cool place in your city. You need to post that on the website and then you have to make your friends and people like your post through social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. If your post is cool enough and a lot of people like the "coolest place" that you’ve showed, then you’ll be shortlisted for the next stage of the competition.

Ford EcoSport Urban Discovery Contest

If you get to the next stage of the competition, that is time you get to drive an EcoSport and then you get to explore the Urban India in your EcoSport. 35 candidates will be shortlisted for this stage. Ford will give the shortlisted candidates a camera crew and you get to bring along two friends of yours as well. Your urban discoveries will be showcased on National Geographic and people will be asked to vote for you and they’ll do so if they like your urban discoveries.

Ford EcoSport Urban Discovery Contest

If you get the maximum number of votes, at the end of the competition you get to drive home an EcoSport and that is the time when we might just see the EcoSport hitting the Indian roads. The EcoSport is one of the most awaited cars in the country and the car is expected to be a game changer when it gets launched. Its a grown up hatch with SUV characteristics and if you are lucky enough, you could get one for free as well.

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