Ford Figo Petrol Vs Maruti Ritz Petrol – Which Is Better And Why ?


Continuing on the Car Comparison Series on Car Blog India, today I am going to review two fresh looking hatchbacks, Maruti Ritz Vs Ford Figo, both these cars have their own unique styling and plus points to consider. In this article I will go into the detailed comparison of Ford Figo And Ritz by Maruti Suzuki. In this post, I am comparing the Petrol variants. Check out the comparison of Ford Figo Diesel VS Maruti Ritz Diesel here.


Ford Figo Vs Maruti Ritz Exterior Styling

The styling of both Ford Figo and Maruti Ritz are fresh new and modern. I personally like looks of Ritz better than that of Figo viewing from front. From side and rear, I like the styling of Figo better. So as far as looks are concerned, I would rate them almost equally as both have modern looks which most buyers prefer.

Both come with stylish crystal head lamps, body colored bumpers and door handles, fog lamps and stylish grille. Ritz is more on a tall boy design compared to Figo which is based on a more conventional wider design. For taller people, Ritz will be slightly more comfortable to get in and out of the car. For averaged height people up to 6 feet height and below, Figo will be as comfortable too. I personally prefer wider design like Figo as they give more pleasant feel to be inside it.

Ford Figo Petrol Exterior Dimensions :

Length = 3795mm; Width = 1680mm;  Height = 1453mm;

Maruti Ritz Petrol Exterior Dimensions :

Length = 3715mm; Width = 1680mm;  Height = 1620mm;

Considering the exterior dimensions, the comfort for rear passengers will be almost same in terms of width, but again, taller people will feel more comfortable in Ritz because of more head-room.

Ford Figo Petrol Engine Vs Maruti Ritz Petrol Engine

Engine Specifications of Ford Figo Petrol:
  • 4 Cylinder Water Cooled Engine
  • 1196 CC MPFI Engine
  • Max Power – 71 BHP @ 6250 RPM
  • Max Torque – 102 Nm @ 4000 RPM
  • 5 Speed Manual transmission
Engine Specifications of Maruti Ritz Petrol:
  • 4 Cylinder Water Cooled Engine
  • 1197 CC MPFI Engine
  • Max Power – 85 BHP @ 6000 RPM
  • Max Torque – 113 Nm @ 4500 RPM
  • 5 Speed Manual transmission

Considering the max power, Ritz is clearly more powerful than Figo and delivers max power at fairly low engine speed. But considering the Figo delivering max torque at a lower RPM (4000 RPM) compared to Ritz (4500 RPM), Figo requires less gear change in congested traffic conditions compared to Ritz. But still, in terms of Engine performance, my vote goes to Maruti Ritz.

But as everything comes at a price, there is a price to pay for it too, Ritz comes slightly costlier than Figo and also the fuel mileage of Ritz is about 1 KMPL lesser when compared with Ford Figo. This is not such a major difference though, yet it matters to some buyers who drive long distances everyday.

Ford Figo Interiors Vs Maruti Ritz Interiors

Ford Figo gives Maruti Ritz a tough competition when it comes to the interiors. Maruti Ritz is a costlier car compared to Figo, but styling of Figo Interiors is at par in styling with the Ritz. The feel of quality of plastic is slightly better in Ritz though.


Ford Figo Interiors

Ritz also is has winning point here because of its tall boy design, it is able to give more space vertically and more space on the dashboard. It feels more spacious inside a Ritz than what it fells inside a Figo. One thing that most Figo lovers crib is the absence of power windows from the feature list of Figo which you can get in Maruti Ritz.


Maruti Ritz Interiors

Price Of Ford Figo Petrol Vs Price Of Maruti Ritz Petrol

The price difference between Ford Figo and Ritz is the biggest differentiating factor, but there is a price to pay for the features you get.

Cost Of Ford Figo Petrol In Delhi (Ex-Showroom)
  • Price of Ford Figo 1.2L Duratec LXi is Rs. 3,49,900
  • Price of Ford Figo 1.2L Duratec EXi is Rs. 3,81,900
  • Price of Ford Figo 1.2L Duratec ZXi is Rs. 3,99,900
  • Price of Ford Figo 1.2L Duratec Titanium is Rs. 4,42,900
Cost Of Maruti Ritz Petrol, Metallic Color  In Delhi (Ex-Showroom)
  • Price of Maruti Ritz 1.2 LXI BS-IV is Rs.3,95,112
  • Price of Maruti Ritz 1.2 VXI BS-IV is Rs.4,30,578
  • Price of Maruti Ritz 1.2 ZXI BS-IV With ABS is Rs.4,54,625
  • Price of Maruti Ritz 1.2 ZXI BS-IV is Rs.4,91,936

After Sales Service Of Ford Figo Vs Maruti Ritz

This is one area where Maruti Ritz seems to have a large advantage of belonging to India’s largest car service network run by Maruti Suzuki. Although ford has its presence in almost all cities in India, but not as extensively as Maruti does. If you live in urban areas, it will not matter much to you if you buy a Ford or a Maruti, but if you live at a place where you don’t have a service center nearby, it may become a hectic task to get your car’s regular maintenance. So check out the nearest service center before making your final decision between Figo and Ritz.

Car Blog India verdict – Ford Figo Petrol Vs Maruti Ritz Petrol

If I look from purely features point of view, I would go for Ritz only, but if I have to compare the value for money, and consider the price difference, I would like to go for Ford Figo. If you are not on a tight budget and don’t bother much about the fuel mileage difference, Ritz is the car for you. But if you want a car which is value for money and have a budget constrain, Ford is your pick. If you have a specific query, please ask through comments below.

For detailed Specifications of Maruti Ritz And Ford Figo, check out the following links –

Maruti Ritz Features Specifications And Review

Ford Figo Specification, Features, Price and Looks

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  1. […] Continuing on the Car Comparison Series on Car Blog India, today I am going to review two fresh looking hatchbacks, Maruti Ritz Vs Ford Figo, both these cars have their own unique styling and plus points to consider. In this article I will go into the detailed comparison of Ford Figo Diesel And Ritz Diesel by Maruti Suzuki. In this post, I am comparing the diesel variants. Check out the comparison of Ford Figo Petrol VS Maruti Ritz Petrol here. […]

  2. Guide me about after sales service of Ritz and Figo as wellas spare parts rate of both the cars.Which is more good in case of mainatainance in a tenure of 4-5 years.


  3. @Phurba
    Fuel consumption of Figo is around 14 KMPL in city so is the Ritz, the actual fuel consumption can be more or less depending on your driving style.

  4. I am confused,can’t decide between ford figo and Hyundai i10.Mileage,after sale service and spare parts.

  5. @Ajeet
    to help you out in choosing between Figo ad i10 here are some points you asked about:
    Mileage – It won’t be much different as the engine capacity is almost same and both are advanced engines and BS4 compatible
    After Sales Service – In this regard, I think Hyundai has an edge over Ford because Hyundai has more presence in India compared to Ford. Although if you live in a metropolitant or a urban city, you won’t find much trouble with ford.
    Spare Parts – I am not sure of it, but i think Hyundai will be slightly cheaper being a Korean brand compared to Ford which is a US brand.

    hope this input helps u.

  6. @Rohit

    Nice comparison this. I am looking for a 1.2L petrol hatch. I am considering the i10 (rear space is a concern), ritz (pricier) and the new Figo. I have been following reviews of the Figo and the only one thing that is bothering me is the inability of it’s rear windows to roll down completely. This is why they haven’t provided the rear power windows as well. Since this design (rather constraint due to the rear wheels) is not a common one, how much do you think it would affect the rear passenger’s view, especially with tinted glasses at night?


  7. Hi, i have read some reviews that the mileage of Ford Figo (diesel) is only around 14-15kms/ltr in the city and around 18kms/ltr on the highway. I would appreciate if anyone can give their inputs to this. Thanks, nawaz

  8. In terms of performance, how does 1.2L figo performs as against 1.2 Petrol swift variant. For some reason i like Figo over Swift. Please help me out

  9. i`m totally confused acc. to you which car is the best maruti Ritz or ford Figo [petrol engine]

  10. I also want to buy FIGO Petrol EXI ( 4.27 LAKH ON ROAD ) but i read out the milage is 13.6 km … but actual on road milage still not conformed.

    Do you know !!!

  11. I really doubt the ford pertrol engine would give you better fuel efficiency figures than the maruti ritz. If anything the ritz should give you better fuel efficiency.

    The fact that the rear windows are not power windows but the older winding type is okay…but I still don’t believe the the Figo’s rear windows go down only 60%.

    Comparing top end Ritz Zxi and the Fort Figo Titanium.

    Why Ritz:

    Alloy wheels
    Streering mounted Audio Controls
    Retractable Rear windows with power windows in the rear as well
    Better Engine Power/torque/Fuel Efficiency
    ARAI fuel efficiency figure is 17.6 (you will get much lesser)

    Why Figo:

    Cheaper by around 20 to 30 K.
    Better exterior looks.
    It is bluetooth equipped.
    Better boot space.
    ARAI fuel efficincy figure is 15.7 (You will get much lesser)

    My call would be go for Ritz if you are buying petrol and go for Figo if you are getting diesel….but this is just my opinion.

  12. When compared to Figo, Ritz looks more upmarket and its from Maruti, hence sales, service and spare parts availability all will be easy. Besides, Maruti products have good resale value. Ritz is having the refined K series engine and unlike Figo, it is not underpowered. I am happy to buy a Ritz than Figo!!

  13. I like to purchase ford figo petrol zxi, can anyone help me to say what is its correct milage in city and highway

  14. Dear Mr. Ganguly,
    The average mileage (about 30 to 40% city and 60 to 70% high way with A/C on) of Figo petrol is 8 to 10km/litre. The dealer people offer some thing like 12.5 to 15.5km/l average and maximum 17 to 18km/l. But please don,t trust them, they are just cheating. Several disappointed figo petrol owners in Kerala including myself is getting what I mentioned above. The Ford guys are saying that they are not specifying any mileage.
    Please publish to all in view of public interest to protect them from exploitation by Ford. Ford is not even publishing the ARI data which is statuatory.

  15. Iam looking for a new car with good features. This is my first car. We are four with tall personalities(6 Feet) my budget is upto 5.5Lakh maximum. my monthly usage 300-500Kms.Brand does not matter overall should be a head of others. It should look beauty, more spacious(boot and leg room),good interials and exterials . Apart from this safety, trouble free,good service, good performer and millage.Thanks in advance.GMDU

  16. Hi,

    I am really surprised…!!

    Are you saying that Figo will give better fuel efficiency than Ritz. That seems to be big joke. All owner reviews says Figo is is not giving more than 8-9 KMPL and ritz is known to be giving 12-13 KMPL.

    Please correct me If I am wrong. This the only reason why I left FIGO and trying to pull my socks to meet the budget of Ritz.

    This would be great help, if you analyze bit more and confirm the same.

    Many things for the review..!! 🙂

  17. I too read from the forums that Figo Petrol is giving mileage between 9 to 13 km per lit and not as published. If it is diesel the Figo is better as it a proven engine. I am planning to buy Ritz with K-Series Engine. Please let me know if 3 people can sit in the rear. Thanks

  18. I saw in most of the sites about the figo petrol mileage which is not good at all, 13 to 14 kmpl is not good when compared to Ritz, I owe ritz petrol which gives me 15 kmpl in city with AC on, and i feel its more spacious, has good head room, leg room and good boot space too… i dont feel regret about the performance of the car but yes one thing differs is the price..
    but end of the day when you calculate with services, and maintenance it would get compensated at longer run…


  19. i m owner of ford figo Petrol & it is giving average of 10-11 Km/litre with AC (about 30 to 40% city and 60 to 70% high way)

    that is absolutly right. Ford india is not publishing the ARI data which is statuatory.

    i m very much surprised that in every discussion people are talking about the Mileage of Figo but Ford india have never tried to answer this common question which means somthing is fishy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Hi Munish,
    can you tell me about your experience of figo.
    i am planning to buy figo. ritz is small car where as figo is big 🙂

  21. Hi,
    I have got delivery of my petrol ford figo 18 days ago.I am toatally shocked at the mileage in city drive ..5-6 km/ at the concerned department refused to acknowledge and says that actual mileage can be determined only after the car has run for 1000 km minimum. i am not convinced.precisely the reason why I am at this site to find out !can anybody please help me out.Shocked and sad …dr rathi

  22. I bought a Figo Petrol 1 week back and the mileage is not yet tested. Anyway i can said that at present it is more or less 10. I didnt go for a long drive till now and this is not the right time to said about it i know..!!

    Interior and other options are OK. But if you go for better mileage and after sale and support, figo will not be a good option.

  23. Even i owned the same ford figo petrol, the mileage after delivery was about 8-9kmpl but after 1000 kms its mileage is need to worry about it.its a nice car comparing Chevy beat and Indian made Rita Aunty(Ritz).

  24. Dear car lovers,
    Ford Figo is a good car in its segment. The problem is with the people in their customer care. They does’t know how to handle the customers and also technically not competant to explain the technical facts.
    Now almost all are getting mileage of about 13 to 16 for petrol. The problem of very low mileage for some owners is that unlike 800cc car like Maruthi 800, 1200 cc engines cannot give reasonable mileage for very short trips. Anything less than 8 -10 km is short and that is the usual trip of many. My advise is to confidently go for Figo petrol or diesel.
    But please note that petroleum fuels will not be available for long. It is going to be very costly and finally not at all available, even if you pay any amount.
    Within another 4 – 5 years petrol will cost more than Rs.100 and diesel also definitely go up.
    By ramesh


  26. Hi,

    I bought Ritz Patrol 20 days back….

    Its giving 13KMPL in city & 16 KMPL on hiways…might be improved more after 1000km….Performance is very nice…One can definitely think bet’n the budjet 4.5 to 5.5 lac…

    Thumb Rule: If you are looking patrol vehicle go for Ritz & for Diesel go for Swift….Matter is over…

  27. Figo is so roomy,the rear seats are comfy and the price is fantastic!!! Ritz is comfy,smart and peppy as well as fast. Buy the Figo ZXi or Ritz VXi.

  28. I own a Figo-Petrol Tit. Satisfied Owner. This is my first car and I am a new driver too. I have shared vacation tours regularly with friends in various cars such as WagonR, i10, Honda City, Estilo, Ritz, A-Star, UVA, etc.

    My Figo is 3 months old. It ran 2600 kms. I had done reasonable research before going for Figo. I compromised “little bit” on car’s look, mileage, resale value and somewhat in cost of maintenance (basically cost of spares). And value for seating comfort, preferdly rear seat, boot space, support from engine to drive a car coolly in city and highway (and not a rash driving or zip-zap-zoom driving), Drivebility, good visibility for driver and passengers, suspension, breaking, etc.

    What I experience till now is 90% justifies my decision on all the above parameters. Main issue I read everywhere about figo is mileage. I too got varying mileage since a day I got delivery of the car. But slowly I am getting tuned with the car and obviously mileage is increased and increasing. At present mileage is more than 11kms drawn from the readings since last 1400kms. This run is mainly before the first servicing. I must tell you friends that most of my car’s run is very very short on a single go, and that is just 2 to 4 kms. You all know that 1.2Lt engines give low mileage for this kind of run. Unfortunately I can’t go for long drives more that twice. And those were also less than 100kms.

    Secondly, I never faced scrap under body. May be I had to drive slowly, bumper to bumper and thus passed the humps safely. But in my opinion, once you understand your car’s dynamics, you automatically drive accordingly.

    Thirdly, the week mid-gears. I have experienced this in my small run on highway. But I feel as I will get understanding “nubjs” of my figo, I will keep her in right revs/rpm for right sudden take over! Am I right?

  29. Please let me know , whats the city mileage of the FIGO Petrol. I am seriously looking for this quality car in terms of build and fetures, but fuel performance i m not sure

  30. ritz is very good car than figom in figo there is very less leg space if u r driving, steering will stuck in ur legs. I have taken test drive of figo, bt it was nt dat much good as compared to ritz, my ritz has completed 3000kms, and now it is giving 14 in city and 16 on highways. So go for ritzm no doubt for that. If ur budget is 4 to 5 lakh then there is no benefit of wasting money on i 10, figo, micra. Just go for ritz. I knw its back are not good but if saw any ritz coming from ur opposite then u will feel like any SUV IS COMING. DATS FOR SURE, GO FOR RITZ ONLY.

  31. Honestly speaking, I was not at all in a mood to buy Ritz but somehow I got convinced and I am owning Ritz Vxi and is 8 months old. Recently,I have driven Ritz 1150kms from Nagpur to Ranchi and just to check the performance in the highways and long distance and I loved it. It was awesome experience n the performance and milegae was great. I was not feeling tired in the end of the day ( after driving 650kms I took rest in the night). No chance for other 1.2 ltrs hatchbacks when it comes to Ritz. Ritz is the best hatchback in 1.2 segments. best mileage, best pick-up, best interiors…now everythings seems to be nice comparing to other hatchbacks. RITZ Rocks..”so live the moment”..

  32. Hi,

    I am on a spree of getting a good car (a petrol one) with a good mileage, better style with a budget of 3-4.5Lacs (OnRoad price). I came across Ford-Figo and Maruti- Ritz. I would like to know the comparison in terms of mileage in city and on highway.


  33. Hi,

    I am Vijay and i am from pune
    I was also in same situation:
    Whether to choose i10, ford figo, Ritz, or Liva.
    For me:
    1. Milage
    2. After Sales service
    3. Price
    4. Resale value
    5. Comfort.
    6. Initial Pricing
    is important, Because I feels, To purchase a car is more easier than maintaining it.

    I took test drive of figo, i10, Ritz, waganr, ALTO k10.
    My monthly running is appr: 1000 KM.
    I also dont want to keep car in my parking only thinking of price per KM.
    To enjoy life, I have decided to go for Diesel car.
    So only two options left as my budget was tight
    Budget was as less as possible(around 5.5 lacs)
    Initially I booked SWIFT, but i was not in position to wait 3-6 months, also new SWIFT may costs me around 6.3 lacs.
    Took test drive for Ford Figo Diesel: Experience was awesome. It is best value for money(Too many features within my budget 5.6 lacs). Was excited and decided to book Ford figo.
    Ritz Diesel: Experience was also good, but Major drawback is its look.
    Sales guy told me average is around 21 km pl, interior good, 60:40 split ratio is good. Boot space ok.
    I found that Figo is with less power, was not sure about its long running performance. Feels that Ritz Engine (same in swift, dezire, punto, vista, manza) is Proven and much better than Ford figo. Long running Average for Ritz Diesel is better than Figo Diesel.
    Also considered Resale value. Better fuel average. After sales service.

    Booked Ritz LDI: Blaze Blue. Accessories: purchased from maruti showroom they offered me 6300 Rs discount, total accessories worth 18800(as per there price list 🙂 ) they offered me for 12500 Rs.
    Didnt like seat covers, so plannig to purchase seat covers, Central locking, wheel covers from outside.
    Today I will be getting delivery of my new car.
    Very much excited
    Just want to share my experience 🙂


  34. Got a Figo Titanium last month did a 2000 km round trip , got a mileage of 20+ in mixed city30% & highway 70% drive. Used Ac all the time. Remember my car is still in running in period so I never exceeded 2500 rpm on my car , was very tempted to floor it but kept my cool . The car is superb to drive , excellent road handling and cornering abilities. The Fiesta 1.4 tdci engine is one of the most reliable and sturdy engines used around the world, hence no question on that part.

    The boot is best in class very useful to have a large boot , and we used it fully during our long trip. I think this is one of the best value for money car in its segment , the new swift is good to look at but it is too pricey , long waiting period, small boot, cramped rear seats bit improved from the previous gen.


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