Ford Figo Petrol Vs Maruti Ritz Petrol – Which Is Better And Why ?

Continuing on the Car Comparison Series on Car Blog India, today I am going to review two fresh looking hatchbacks, Maruti Ritz Vs Ford Figo, both these cars have their own unique styling and plus points to consider. In this article I will go into the detailed comparison of Ford Figo And Ritz by Maruti Suzuki. In this post, I am comparing the Petrol variants. Check out the comparison of Ford Figo Diesel VS Maruti Ritz Diesel here.


Ford Figo Vs Maruti Ritz Exterior Styling

The styling of both Ford Figo and Maruti Ritz are fresh new and modern. I personally like looks of Ritz better than that of Figo viewing from front. From side and rear, I like the styling of Figo better. So as far as looks are concerned, I would rate them almost equally as both have modern looks which most buyers prefer.

Both come with stylish crystal head lamps, body colored bumpers and door handles, fog lamps and stylish grille. Ritz is more on a tall boy design compared to Figo which is based on a more conventional wider design. For taller people, Ritz will be slightly more comfortable to get in and out of the car. For averaged height people up to 6 feet height and below, Figo will be as comfortable too. I personally prefer wider design like Figo as they give more pleasant feel to be inside it.

Ford Figo Petrol Exterior Dimensions :

Length = 3795mm; Width = 1680mm;  Height = 1453mm;

Maruti Ritz Petrol Exterior Dimensions :

Length = 3715mm; Width = 1680mm;  Height = 1620mm;

Considering the exterior dimensions, the comfort for rear passengers will be almost same in terms of width, but again, taller people will feel more comfortable in Ritz because of more head-room.

Ford Figo Petrol Engine Vs Maruti Ritz Petrol Engine

Engine Specifications of Ford Figo Petrol:
  • 4 Cylinder Water Cooled Engine
  • 1196 CC MPFI Engine
  • Max Power – 71 BHP @ 6250 RPM
  • Max Torque – 102 Nm @ 4000 RPM
  • 5 Speed Manual transmission
Engine Specifications of Maruti Ritz Petrol:
  • 4 Cylinder Water Cooled Engine
  • 1197 CC MPFI Engine
  • Max Power – 85 BHP @ 6000 RPM
  • Max Torque – 113 Nm @ 4500 RPM
  • 5 Speed Manual transmission

Considering the max power, Ritz is clearly more powerful than Figo and delivers max power at fairly low engine speed. But considering the Figo delivering max torque at a lower RPM (4000 RPM) compared to Ritz (4500 RPM), Figo requires less gear change in congested traffic conditions compared to Ritz. But still, in terms of Engine performance, my vote goes to Maruti Ritz.

But as everything comes at a price, there is a price to pay for it too, Ritz comes slightly costlier than Figo and also the fuel mileage of Ritz is about 1 KMPL lesser when compared with Ford Figo. This is not such a major difference though, yet it matters to some buyers who drive long distances everyday.

Ford Figo Interiors Vs Maruti Ritz Interiors

Ford Figo gives Maruti Ritz a tough competition when it comes to the interiors. Maruti Ritz is a costlier car compared to Figo, but styling of Figo Interiors is at par in styling with the Ritz. The feel of quality of plastic is slightly better in Ritz though.


Ford Figo Interiors

Ritz also is has winning point here because of its tall boy design, it is able to give more space vertically and more space on the dashboard. It feels more spacious inside a Ritz than what it fells inside a Figo. One thing that most Figo lovers crib is the absence of power windows from the feature list of Figo which you can get in Maruti Ritz.


Maruti Ritz Interiors

Price Of Ford Figo Petrol Vs Price Of Maruti Ritz Petrol

The price difference between Ford Figo and Ritz is the biggest differentiating factor, but there is a price to pay for the features you get.

Cost Of Ford Figo Petrol In Delhi (Ex-Showroom)
  • Price of Ford Figo 1.2L Duratec LXi is Rs. 3,49,900
  • Price of Ford Figo 1.2L Duratec EXi is Rs. 3,81,900
  • Price of Ford Figo 1.2L Duratec ZXi is Rs. 3,99,900
  • Price of Ford Figo 1.2L Duratec Titanium is Rs. 4,42,900
Cost Of Maruti Ritz Petrol, Metallic Color  In Delhi (Ex-Showroom)
  • Price of Maruti Ritz 1.2 LXI BS-IV is Rs.3,95,112
  • Price of Maruti Ritz 1.2 VXI BS-IV is Rs.4,30,578
  • Price of Maruti Ritz 1.2 ZXI BS-IV With ABS is Rs.4,54,625
  • Price of Maruti Ritz 1.2 ZXI BS-IV is Rs.4,91,936

After Sales Service Of Ford Figo Vs Maruti Ritz

This is one area where Maruti Ritz seems to have a large advantage of belonging to India’s largest car service network run by Maruti Suzuki. Although ford has its presence in almost all cities in India, but not as extensively as Maruti does. If you live in urban areas, it will not matter much to you if you buy a Ford or a Maruti, but if you live at a place where you don’t have a service center nearby, it may become a hectic task to get your car’s regular maintenance. So check out the nearest service center before making your final decision between Figo and Ritz.

Car Blog India verdict – Ford Figo Petrol Vs Maruti Ritz Petrol

If I look from purely features point of view, I would go for Ritz only, but if I have to compare the value for money, and consider the price difference, I would like to go for Ford Figo. If you are not on a tight budget and don’t bother much about the fuel mileage difference, Ritz is the car for you. But if you want a car which is value for money and have a budget constrain, Ford is your pick. If you have a specific query, please ask through comments below.

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