VW Virtus Owner Allegedly Given Used Car with Faulty Brakes and Other Defects

Car News » VW Virtus Owner Allegedly Given Used Car with Faulty Brakes and Other Defects

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A sad case of a fraudulent delivery of a VW Virtus comes to light. Virtus is a sedan that is preferred by the driving-loving community. Its peppy and powerful engine options and sporty gearbox offer great driving dynamics. VW Group aims to expand its presence in our market with the latest products based on the MQB A0 IN platform and the new powertrains. Skoda has the same engine-gearbox combination in its latest products which has propelled it to unprecedented sales figures.

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Fraudulent Delivery of VW Virtus

This incident has been reported by Prateek Singh on his YouTube channel. He posts content around raising awareness among car buyers regarding the importance of buying cars with high safety ratings. However, in this case, he posted this incident to help the owner of the Virtus who was delivered a defective car. Mr Manjunath Srinivasa from Karnataka approached the YouTuber with the details of this event. He received the delivery of the Virtus Topline AT 1.0. To his surprise, there were defects and scratches at various places in the car.

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Moreover, the brakes of the car were not responsive. He suspects that he was given either a defective item or the demo car which has clearly been used before. Complaining to the dealership didn’t bear any fruits as they dismissed to claims altogether. Then, he reached out to higher officials at VW via social media but didn’t get any response from anyone. Finally, he is left with no option but to approach the consumer court. This is quite a disappointing story and no one would want to go through such a struggle after spending around Rs 19 lakh on a vehicle. He asks that either he be given a new car or get all the issues resolved in this car.

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vw virtus dealership fraud
First-ever VW Virtus dealership fraud comes to light.

He approached the YouTuber asking him for help and spreading the message across so that his voice could be heard. That is why the YouTuber posted this case on his social media handles. He mentions that there are other people who are registering their complaints regarding the customer service of VW in India. We can only hope that the German carmaker listens to all these issues and resolves them at the earliest.

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