Gold wrapped Toyota Innova Crysta & Audi Detained – Here’s Why

In a bid to stand out from the crowd, a Casino in Goa had its cars wrapped in gold. After getting into an accident, the Panjim Police detained these cars.

In a bizarre turn of events, the Panjim Police were seen detaining gold wrapped Toyota Innova Crysta MPVs and an Audi. These cars are a part of the fleet owned by a Casino in Goa. It is not uncommon for Indians to wrap their vehicles in gold. There are quite a few gold lovers, especially in the South who have done something similar. However, this time around, the gold wrapped Innova was involved in an accident on the street which is why the Police detained these cars.

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Gold Wrapped Toyota Innova Crysta & Audi

The video has been posted on YouTube. However, the details of this entire saga are not widely available. A fleet of cars is seen parked on the roadside. The markings on the side doors say Deltin Jaqk Casino and mention a possible event that was to take place between April 28 and May 1. Game of Gold was the name of this event. The convoy consists of Toyota Innova Crysta MPVs with Goa registration. In the later part of the video, some people are also seen in their gold-wrapped Audi SUV. Firstly, they are hanging out of the sunroof and then one person is seen standing on the roof of the moving vehicle.

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Now, we don’t need to tell you how stupid and dangerous something like that is. Later, they are seen in a photograph with the Police. Hopefully, the Police had detained them. In a separate section of the video, the golden Innova is shown colliding into a car from the rear. This seems to have taken place on a busy street. Perhaps, that is when the authorities took notice and detained these vehicles. There are many comments in the video stating that these people will not stay detained for long.

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gold wrapped toyota innova goa

People who have this much money will get bailed out very soon. The question also arises, was this modification approved by the RTO? In India, doing any kind of modification to your vehicle is illegal. We wonder if these people faced any consequences with regard to that.

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