Honda City and Tata Nano in an Accident – Damage Taken by Both Cars is Hilarious!

Here’s another great example of build quality of Tata cars and this time with a Nano. Two Honda Cities takes a lot more damage while the Nano walks away with only a dented number plate. Hilarious!

We have brought you several stories about the build quality of Tata cars and how well they survive accidents and keep its passengers safe, out of harm’s way. But these are mostly about modern day Tata cars, the likes of the Nexon, Tiago, Altroz and so on. These cars have have been tested by Global NCAP and are star-rated cars for their safety. Here again, we have another Tata car that stood out for its build quality in an accident but this time its the rather humble Tata Nano.

Honda City and Tata Nano involved in accident - damages on the cars are shocking.
Honda City and Tata Nano involved in accident – damages on the cars are shocking.

Serious accidents on Indian roads are not a rare sight and accidents like the one in the video above are even more common. This clearly seems like a case of distracted driving where a certain Honda City failed to slow down at a speed bump and bumped into the car ahead of it which happens to be a Tata Nano. It’s not the incident that really raises eyebrows but the resulting damage on the vehicles involved that is really shocking.

This incident was recorded in Kerala by a CCVT camera that was positioned facing the road. As you can see in the video, there’s a speed bump in the middle of the road for which all cars are slowing down. A Hyundai Santro arrives at the speed bump first, followed by a white Honda City, followed by the Tata Nano, and then yet another white Honda City. While all the cars slow down at the speed bump, the second Honda City at the rear slams on the rear end of the Tata Nano. This sets a chain reaction and then the Nano hits the other Honda City in the front.

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That’s about the accident but when you look at the damages on the car, that is when the real picture hits you. The face of the Honda City – which is a premium car selling at about Rs 10-14 lakh – is completely demolished on hitting the rear end of the Nano. The speeds weren’t that high either. The bumper is broken and fallen off, the grille is broken and the bonnet too is crumpled. Looking at the damage, it does not even seem like the accident was so small. The other Honda City, the one which was hit at the rear by the Nano has picked up sufficient damage too with a dented boot lid and a damaged bumper.

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However, when you look at the Nano, you can barely tell that it was involved in an accident. The Tata Nano was sandwiched between both the Honda Cities and yet, all the damage it has picked up is a deformed number plate. And this is supposed to be a sub-Rs 3 lakh car. If Tata can put so uch quality on a Rs 3 lakh car, we wonder what’s holding Honda back from doing a same for a car that costs above Rs 10 lakh. And this is not even a modern car from Tata. Such incidents really go a long way in speaking about the good build quality of Tata cars and their safety.