New Honda Jazz vs Hyundai Elite i20 vs Volkswagen Polo

The launch of the Honda Jazz is right around the corner and the hatchback from Honda has already gotten everyone talking. The car appears to be a very promising product from Honda and initial impressions suggest it is more than capable of taking the fight to its competition, the Hyundai Elite i20 and Volkswagen Polo. After a not-so-successful first stint in India, the Jazz is making a comeback with a better price and a diesel engine, factors which played a crucial role in its demise. But while the Honda Jazz might be a much-improved product this time around, the competition has also taken a leap forward with formidable products such as the Hyundai Elite i20 and the Volkswagen Polo. Is the Honda Jazz the best hatchback in its class? Find out here in our New Honda Jazz vs Hyundai Elite i20 vs Volkswagen Polo comparison.

Honda Jazz vs Hyundai i20 vs VW Polo

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While the i20 and Polo get a conventional European shape, wide stance, longer, flatter bonnet, etc. the Honda Jazz is a totally different design with its mono-volume shape. Being the oldest car here, the Polo’s design has started to show its age. The facelift did freshen things a little, but it still feel a bit old. Having said that, the neat crisp lines still make for a very smart looking car. The i20 is one of the most attractive looking cars from Hyundai in recent times. The long bonnet, large rectangular headlamps, narrow tail lamps combine with nice, crisp lines make the i20 one of the best looking cars in India. The Honda Jazz’s design is reminiscent of the previous gen model, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The design language followed is similar to the City’s, with which it also shares its platform and engine options. It has a taller and slightly narrower stance compared to the other two. The rear looks a bit fussy with the tall-ish tail lamps and black inserts in the bumper and when viewed from the rear side angle the car looks very bulky.

On the inside, the Honda Jazz gets a very futuristic looking, asymmetrical dashboard which is quite similar to the Honda City which you will either love or hate. We found the layout to be a bit overstyled. Otherwise, the all-black cabin is the most spacious in its class and a comfortable place to be in. The Elite i20 gets a simpler and much nicer looking dashboard finished in a black beige combo. However, it would look slightly better if the colours are interchanged. Again, interior space is very good and the i20’s cabin is a very comfortable place to be in.The Volkswagen Polo gets the least flamboyant cabin of all, which is a good thing. The black and beige combo coupled with the silver accents make it a pleasant place to be in. The best part about the cabin, however, is the quality and fit and finish. Typically high Volkswagen standards. Special mention to the flat-bottomed steering wheel which one of the best looking we have seen in recent times. Space isn’t the Polo’s forte and is easily outclassed by the other two in this respect.

[box type=”success” ]Although the Honda Jazz’s design is the freshest here, the Hyundai Elitei20 is still the best looking car in its class.[/box]

Honda Jazz Teaser Video


Among the three, the Volkswagen Polo is the least equipped with omissions such as keyless entry, push-button start, parking sensors and reversing camera, touchscreen infotainment system. The Hyundai i20 did not come with a touchscreen infotainment system till now, but the company will be adding that option by the time the Honda Jazz hits showrooms in July. The Jazz gets a gimmicky climate control system with touch sensitive buttons, which is a bit difficult to use on the move. It gets some unique features such the hugely practical magic seats and paddle shifters with the petrol CVT.

Cross Polo console
The VW Polo misses out on a touchscreen infotainment system

[box type=”success” ]The Honda Jazz and Hyundai Elite i20 are closely matched in terms of features. The Volkswagen Polo lags behind.[/box]

Hyundai Elite i20 Video Review

Ride & Handling

The handling department is where the Volkswagen Polo shines. The car is an absolute pleasure to drive, especially the GT variants. The Ride is also decent and is comfortable enough even over bad roads. The i20 sees a lot of improvement over the previous generation with much better dynamics, but it still is not as sorted as the Polo in the handling department. The Honda Jazz is a similar story. Comfortable ride over bumps and potholes and decent handling, but enthusiasts will be disappointed.

[box type=”success” ]The Volkswagen Polo is the best handling hatchback in its segment.[/box]


PETROLHonda JazzHyundai Elite i20Volkswagen Polo
Displacement1.2 litre1.2 litre1.2 litre
Power89 bhp82 bhp74 bhp
Torque110 Nm115 Nm110 Nm
Transmission5-speed manual/CVT5-speed manual5-speed manual
Mileage18.7 kmpl/19 kmpl17.19 kmpl16.47 kmpl


DIESELHonda JazzHyundai Elite i20Volkswagen Polo
Displacement1.5 litre1.4 litre1.5 litre
Power99 bhp89 bhp89 bhp
Torque200 Nm220 Nm230 Nm
Transmission6-speed manual6-speed manual5-speed manual
Mileage27.3 kmpl22.54 kmpl20.14 kmpl

The big change in the Jazz’s lineup is the inclusion of a diesel engine borrowed from the City and the addition of an automatic CVT with paddle shifters. The Polo is the least powerful and the least fuel efficient of the lot. Speaking of which, at a rated mileage of 27.3 kmpl the Honda Jazz is the second most fuel efficient car in the country second only to the Maruti Celerio DDiS 125. However, the Polo does come in two GT variants which produce upwards of 100 bhp and the petrol comes with a 7-speed DSG. The Jazz’s diesel feels harsh and unrefined.

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The Honda Jazz returns a staggering 27.3 kmpl!

[box type=”success” ]Although the Jazz is the most fuel efficient, the diesel feels harsh and unrefined. The i20 has the best engine combo of the lot. But if you love driving and want more power the Polo GT twins should be your pick.[/box]


 Honda JazzPetrolDiesel
EINR 5.30 lakhsINR 6.49 lakhs
SINR 5.94 lakhsINR 7.14 lakhs
SVINR 6.44 lakhsINR 7.64 lakhs
VINR 6.79 lakhsINR 8.09 lakhs
VXINR 7.29 lakhsINR 8.59 lakhs
S CVTINR 6.99 lakhs
V CVTINR 7.85 lakhs


 Hyundai Elite i20PetrolDiesel
EraINR 5.30 lakhsINR 6.42 lakhs
MagnaINR 5.84 lakhsINR 6.96 lakhs
SportzINR 6.35 lakhsINR 7.50 lakhs
Sportz(O)INR 6.71 lakhsINR 7.83 lakhs
AstaINR 6.94 lakhsINR 8.05 lakhs


 VW PoloPetrolDiesel
TrendlineINR 5.33 lakhsINR 6.68 lakhs
ComfortlineINR 5.95 lakhsINR 7.31 lakhs
HighlineINR 6.47 lakhsINR 7.82 lakhs
GTINR 8.48 lakhsINR 7.48 lakhs


[box type=”success” ]The new model Honda Jazz and Elite i20 are similarly priced, but the higher spec trims of the i20 are slightly cheaper. The Volkswagen Polo is a tad overpriced.[/box]


As we said earlier, the Honda Jazz looks like a very promising product more than capable of taking the fight to the Hyundai Elite i20 and the Volkswagen Polo. Backed by a strong set of features, good looks, a fuel efficient diesel motor and if priced right, the Honda could give the i20, the current king of its segment, a really tough time. The Volkswagen Polo is the car for the enthusiast but does not appeal as much to the family due to its lack of interior space, high price, and a slight lack of features. It still is one of the smartest looking cars out there and has unbeatable build quality.

[box type=”success” ]The Honda Jazz is edged out by the Hyundai Elite i20 thanks to the latter’s better looks and better engines. Pricing is similar, but the i20 has a slight edge in that department too. The Hyundai Elite i20 is our pick[/box]

Elite i20 front angle

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