Hot Spot for Car Hijacking in Johannesburg, South Africa – VIDEO

  • Car hijackings are a common occurrence in certain parts of South Africa.
  • This video raises awareness among motorists about not visiting this area unnecessarily.
  • This area is called Downtown Johannesburg as the YouTuber walks on the streets.

This area is the hot spot for car hijackings in South Africa. The country is, unfortunately, home to a lot of car stealing instances. But it must be understood that every city in the world has some shady areas where such practices are rather common. As regular people, we must be aware of such areas and not visit them unnecessarily. The YouTuber does a great job of raising awareness among his viewers regarding not visiting this area. Here are all the details.

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Hot Spot For Car Hijackings in South Africa

We have previously reported that 1 car is stolen in SA every 22 mins, as per the official data. Also, there are a few cars that are at a higher risk of getting stolen compared to the other cars. As a rule of thumb, the most common and highest-selling cars are the prime targets of miscreants because it allows them to blend in with the crowd easily. Hence, the suspicions are less and the thieves are able to sell off the parts of the cars easily.

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The YouTuber, Walk_Africa shows this area of Johannesburg called the Downtown and it is quite deserted. There are cars moving on the highway but there are barely any people on the pavement. He talks about the area under the bridge being the hot spot for car hijackers. But the authorities have worked on security as well. Therefore, it is much better for motorists now. Nevertheless, as a new person in the area, you must be aware of this phenomenon for your own safety.

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That is the reason why news channels are covering such stories so that people can make the correct decision of buying a car that is less likely to get stolen, prevent visiting areas that are more prone to car thefts and install security devices in their cars so that they can be tracked down in the event of stealing. Moreover, by knowing the hot spots, one can prevent parking in these areas. What are your thoughts on this?

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Hot Spot For Car Hijackings in South Africa
Hot Spot For Car Hijackings in South Africa

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