How Does Hyundai Venue iMT Work During Uphill And Downhill – Video

Hyundai Venue recently got the iMT gearbox which gets a clutchless manual gearbox. It also comes with hill hold control and here is a demonstration.

One of the frequent questions that buyers had about the Hyundai Venue and its iMT gearbox is whether it will roll backwards on a uphill slope. In a manual car, you have to either accelerate more or keep pressure on the clutch to prevent it from going backwards. But since you do not get a clutch with the iMT gearbox, how does it work?

Here is a video which shows the Hyundai Venue iMT tested on an uphill and a downslope. After engaging the car in first gear, the driver releases his foot from the brake but does not accelerate. The car goes backwards by a couple of feet before it automatically resumes moving ahead. That’s hill assist control working.

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Then, the owner tries to reverse the Venue on a downhill to check its hill descent control. Even here, as soon as he takes his foot off the brake pedal, the car moves ahead by some feet and then resumes to reverse. The maximum speed that a car will attain in both these situations is maximum 7-10 km/hr.

So, as you see, the Hyundai Venue iMT does offer hill assist and descent control. It is actually a good feature for those who are learners. They don’t have to get nervous about the car going backwards on a slope and touching another vehicle. This system is usually not found on many manual cars but on all automatic/semi-automatic cars.

Also, the owner tries to compare the iMT with AMT. In terms of the hill assist control, both of them have the same mechanism. However, their operation is completely different. AMT or Automated Manual Transmission is basically a simple process to convert a manual gear into automatic. So, you get the jerks between gear shifts just like a manual but is higher on fuel efficiency.

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