How Long Waiting Period Will It Take To Get New Model Maruti Swift 2011 Delivery?


This is a very difficult question to answer, in this article, we would like to estimate how long should it take to get the delivery of the Maruti Swift 2011 new model which is due for its launch on 17th August in India. Going by the bookings figures, there is a long list of people who have pre-booked the Maruti Swift 2011 new model. Also there is a longer list of people who have upgraded the old Swift bookings to the new Swift. Going by the numbers, last week the reports suggested 25,000 bookings of Maruti Swift 2011, but as per the new data, the number had reached close to whooping 40,000 Swift new model bookings 2 weeks before the official launch !


This is surely a vast number of bookings to which is surely encouraging for Maruti, but not so good for the buyers as they will need to wait for their turn to get the car delivery. Now considering the fact that this number will further increase till the launch and the Maruti plant has a production capacity of about 17,000 Swift cars per month which has been recently upgraded before the new Swift launch, it will take few months to clear the backlog.

Going by the rough calculations, we expect that the bookings before launch (without the official announcement of price) may go as high as 60,000 (estimated) and there maybe fresh bookings just after launch for those buyers who are waiting for the price announcement, there may be a cumulative booking of close to 80,000 Maruti Swift cars by last week of August 2011. Now even if the production has started at Maruti plant, it will take at least 4 months to clear this backlog, and all the fresh bookings done by the end of August 2011 or later may also claim a waiting of minimum 3 to 4 months until the demand and production balance is achieved to bring this time down. This time may be further high if the bookings are more and lower if the bookings are not too high (which seems unlikely).

This is our rough estimate purely based of the facts and figures and does not include the delays it takes to transport the car from the production plant to the far and wide corners of the county via roads. So the actual time may vary. Only the dealer from where you have booked you car knows it more accurately. So lets just wait and watch how the turn of events take place a couple if months after the launch.

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  2. If Toyota launches the Diesel Variant of Etios Sedan and Liva with the same price band, Swift would certainly suffer. Etios sedan’s mileage is as good as expected. Liva failed to impress because a comparable Petrol car is flooded in the market. If Toyota is smart, they would introduce their diesel variants of Etios Hatch and Sedan quickly.

  3. i hv book new swift 2011 zxi model on 19th august.. when will i get it ?what is d waiting period for petrol version ? hw many booking hv been done for petrol version ? is dere backlog of petrol version too ?

  4. I have booked one new swift ZDI model Black colour on 13.08.2011from Maruti dealer named M/s Narayani motors Pvt Ltd.Rasulgarh,Bhubaneswar. Till date I do not know about the fate of my car. Till date I have not received my car. By reading this do not forward it to the local regional person. All are being contacted by me, And no suitable reply was given. Even Now days dealer is not picking of the phone calls. I want to know when you are going to deliver my car ? I did not expect such a worst service from Maruti. People who have booked car after mine, got their cars and driving it. Please let me know why the delay happend and when should I expect my car ? By not delivering in proper time, one way you are forcing your loyal customer to go to competitors.
    Its six month running and you know its pretty long time for a customer to wait for the car. I dont want your non sense reply, I want my New swfit ZDI car immediately.


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