Hyundai India Hikes Diesel Capacity– i20 and Verna Diesel Waiting Period To Reduce


In an official press statement released by Hyundai India, Hyundai has informed that they are ramping up their diesel engine car production capacity by 50% from the existing 7000 units mark to 10,500 cars per month. This decision has been taken in the wake that there is no additional diesel car tax or duties implemented in the Indian Union Budget 2012 in India. Many car manufacturers in India, including majors like Hyundai and Maruti Suzuki were holding back their decisions for the time of budget 2012 since there were some extra taxes possible which fortunately did not happen.

Since the demand of the Diesel cars in India remains to be strong, especially after recent hike in the price of CNG and LPG fuel, Hyundai Motors India has announced the expansion in the production capacity of diesel cars in India. There has been considerable waiting period on the diesel cars like Hyundai i20 Diesel and Hyundai Verna Fluidic Diesel of up to 6 months. This increase in capacity is expected to bring down the waiting period for Hyundai Verna Fluidic Diesel to about 2 to 3 months and for Hyundai iGen i20 Diesel to about one month. This is a certainly a good news for the customers who were forced to wait or opt for other cars because of the high waiting periods for Hyundai Diesel cars in India.


image – Hyundai Verna Fluidic India

Hyundai India has been able to achieve which increase by adding additional diesel engines imported from Hyundai in South Korea. Hyundai India is already planning to set up additional diesel engine plant within India to produce enough diesel engines within India for its local needs for the cars like Hyundai i20, Hyundai Verna Fluidic and Hyundai i10 Diesel which is still not officially confirmed, but expected to make it to Indian roads in coming years.

Diesel car market in India is getting stronger than ever before, to counter this imbalance, car makers have started to price new cars more aggressively with the diesel variants and relatively pricey on the diesel ones. We have also seem some offers, discounts, and freebies offered on the petrol versions of the cars while the diesel cars continue to sell at the premium pricing. Lets see how long this trend goes on as eventually, the diesel fuel is also expected to get deregulated in India. Stay tuned for latest updates by liking our official Facebook Page and sign up for our free email newsletter.

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  1. I own a 1.6 crdi fluidic Verna Nov2011.Is its suspensions are softer than the petrol version? Cant Hyundai India do anything about it? ie correction of stiffness of the suspension?


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