Hyundai Xcent Old vs New

The Xcent has been a fairly successful compact sedan from Hyundai India. While it continues to clock decent numbers on the sales charts, it’s pretty much for sure that the upcoming 2017 Maruti Dzire will impact the popularity of the Xcent. No surprise then, that, the manufacturer has launched facelift for the Xcent. Akin to the 2017 Hyundai i10, 2017 Hyundai Xcent facelift features updates to its exterior as well as the interior. Another big update comes in the form of the new 1.2-litre Diesel engine. Here, in this post, we compare the 2017 Hyundai Xcent facelift with the outgoing model. So read on for our Hyundai Xcent Old vs New Moded comparison-

hyundai xcent old vs new

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Hyundai Xcent Old vs New Price Comparison

Old ModelNew Model
Minimum PriceRs 5.44 LakhRs 5.38 Lakh
Maximum PriceRs 8.08 LakhRs 8.42 Lakh

The 2017 Grand i10 facelift came with a slight price cut for its base model. However, we also saw prices of the top-end models being hiked. Similar is the case with the new 2017 Xcent facelift. While its base models are marginally cheaper to buy, its top-end model, especially the Diesel version, get a significant price hike. But that is due to the addition of new features. Here’s the full price list of the new Xcent

Petrol Rs. 538,381 593,265 629,254            673,765 751,772 709,916
Diesel Rs. 628,281            683,165            719,154 763,667 841,670

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Hyundai Xcent Old vs New Exterior Comparison

hyundai xcent old vs new

The 2017 Xcent facelift features a host of visual updates. The new car’s nose gets the new ‘cascading-effect’ grille design and an updated bumper. The foglamp housing is new, too. There isn’t much of a difference in design of the side profile. However, Hyundai India has come up with a new design for the alloy wheels. The rear features some substantial updates. The 2017 Xcent facelift gets a new rear bumper featuring a black insert that also houses the reflector units. The Xcent now gets new split tail lamps. So, basically, the new car’s exterior features include-

  • New front bumper
  • Cascading type new front grille
  • New Alloys
  • New tail lights
  • LED daytime running lamps

hyundai xcent old vs new

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Hyundai Xcent Old vs New Interior Comparison

The cabin does not carry any significant changes. The new 2017 Xcent’s cabin has the same design, but comes with some additional features. It gets-

  • 7-inch Touchscreen for the AVN
  • Phone dock
  • New Upholstery

new look hyundai xcent 2017 interiors

Apart from this, the in-built 1 GB storage space is not offered anymore. The new 2017 Xcent gets the same high quality cabin that we have come to expect from all Hyundai products.

Hyundai Xcent Old vs New Specifications Comparison

Old ModelNew Model
Engine1.2 L Petrol; 1.1-litre Diesel1.2 L Petrol; 1.2-litre Diesel
Max. Power81 BHP; 70 BHP81 BHP; 74 BHP
Peak Torque114 Nm; 160 Nm114 Nm; 190 Nm
Transmission5-Speed Manual or 4-speed AT; 5-Speed Manual5-Speed Manual or 4-speed AT; 5-Speed Manual

While the 1.2-litre Kappa Petrol engine remains largely untouched, the 1.1 Diesel engine has been replaced by a more powerful and refined Diesel motor with a displacement of 1.2-litres. The new engine, in comparison to 1.1’s 70 BHP and 160 Nm, outputs 74 BHP and 190 Nm. Both the engines come with a 5-speed Manual Transmission. The Petrol engine also gets an optional 4-speed Auto.

Hyundai Xcent Old vs New Mileage Comparison

New Model Old Model 
Petrol Mileage20.14 KMPL (MT)

17.36 KMPL (AT)

18.9 KMPL (MT)

16.95 KMPL (AT)

Diesel Mileage25.4 KMPL24.4 KMPL

The Petrol engine is marginally more frugal. The new Diesel engine offers a slightly higher average mileage in spite of being a stronger performer.

Hyundai Xcent Old vs New Dimensions Comparison

 New Hyundai XcentOld Hyundai Xcent
Length3,995 mm3,995 mm
Width1,660 mm1,660 mm
Height1,520 mm1,520 mm
Wheelbase2,425 mm2,425 mm

There won’t be any change in dimensions

Hyundai Xcent Old vs New Comparison Verdict

The launch of the 2017 Hyundai Xcent facelift has surely added some freshness to the fast-aging model.

  • Design – The new Xcent 2017 facelift looks sportier. It gets a new nose and new rear.
  • Features – The new car also benefits from some new features.
  • Specifications – The slightly anaemic 1.1-litre Diesel engine has been replaced by a more powerful 1.2-litre Diesel engine.
  • Price – While the base model is cheaper, the top model costs more.

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