If You Enter A Fastag Lane With A Non-Functional Tag; Pay The Double Amount!

As per the latest notification by MoRTH, if a car with a non-function Fastag enters in the Fastag lane, he will be required to pay the double toll amount.

Many car owners have successfully installed Fastag stickers to ensure that they don’t have to wait in a long queue. In the early days of Fastag being introduced, many people saw huge lines in the Non-Fastag lanes whereas the other one was almost free. That led to many owners buying the stickers more.

One Nation One Fastag Image

However, after filling up the balance in it for one time, many people started entering the Fastag lane and paying by cash. They had the sticker but it was either invalid or non functional. Many misused this and avoided online balance refilling. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has introduced a new ruling to ensure that this malpractice is not conducted.

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From now on, if you are found to have an invalid or a non function sticker in the Fastag lane, you will have to pay double toll fee. Earlier, the rules said that if you did not have the sticker and entered in the specific lane, you would be required to pay double. This will ensure that people fill up the balance in their accounts.

The government had direct the toll plazas to have only 1 hybrid lane and rest for the tags. However, this was still not implemented by all toll booths. On most of the national highways, you will find a single hybrid lane where you can pay with cash. The state highways are soon catching up with this 1 hybrid lane system.

You can purchase a Fastag online through Airtel Payments app, PayTM and even your individual bank account apps. Most of the big banks are offering the tags online itself. The breakup of payment is different for every bank. In some, you have a deposit of Rs 200, a balance of Rs 200 and the issuing fee of Rs 100. We have explained the complete detail of how to get one below.

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This step by the government ensures that there are no malpractices at toll booths and people can save their time. You have to place your Fastag on the windscreen. Once you reach the booth, the scanner above it will automatically deduct the money and open the barrier. All this is done in under a minute or so.