Watch India-Bound Kia EV6 in Classic Moose Test

After Hyundai announced the arrival of its award-winning Ioniq 5 in India, Kia confirmed the entry of the EV6 into our market too.

The India-bound Kia EV6 has performed well in this classic moose test. Both Hyundai and Kia have announced the arrival of their EVs into our market. Most likely, we will see both these EVs on our roads before the end of this year. This moose test is a sign of what to expect from the EV in terms of handling and driving characteristics. Let us check out the details here.

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Kia EV6 Moose Test

This EV6 has been tested by the Spanish media house, They keep performing moose tests for the most popular vehicles. The aim is to drive the vehicle as fast as possible around the obstacles. The highest speed at which all the obstacles are avoided is considered the best attempt. In this video, the first attempt was made at 80 km/h, but the driver was not able to avoid the obstacles. The most successful attempt came at 78 km/h which is quite impressive. This proves that the handling traits of the EV are going to be quite enthusiastic. In another test, the obstacles are placed 22 m apart and the car must zigzag past them which it managed to do with high stability.

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The Kia EV6 is already a popular EV in various markets across the globe. It comes with a 77.4 kWh Li-ion polymer battery that powers the Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor. The EV6 comes with the option of RWD or an AWD configuration. The maximum power and torque output in the most powerful GT-Line AWD iteration is 321 hp and 605 Nm. The RWD versions develop a healthy 226 hp and 350 Nm of peak power and torque. The battery takes 7 hours and 20 mins using a normal 3-phase AC charger (230 V / 16 A) to get charged from 10-100%. In the fastest 350 kW DC fast charging, the EV6 charges from 10-80% in just 18 mins. The standard 50 kW DC fast charger takes 73 mins for the same.

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kia ev6 moose test

The prices of the EV6 would depend on the variants that Kia decides to introduce in our market. In this GT-Line spec, the price tag could well be above the Rs 50 lakh mark. However, Kia could eventually plan to manufacture it in India if there is enough demand. This classic moose test suggests that the Kia EV6 could be a preferred choice for driving enthusiasts. The Hyundai Ioniq 5 will the only direct rival and both the EVs are planned to be launched this year itself.

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