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An Indian truck driver in the UK reveals his income in this video. Truck driving is a prolific profession and a popular one among many Indians who wish to migrate to a new country. Since it is a driving-based profession, there are not a crazy amount of educational qualifications needed to get the visa. However, you will need experience and knowledge about the local rules and driving a truck. In fact, that is how you will be able to get the license to drive a truck in the first place. Once you do that, this is the kind of income you can expect.

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Truck Driver Income Details in UK

The video has been uploaded by the What’s Up UK channel on YouTube. It is run by an Indian student who lives in the UK. He travels to another city to visit his Uncle who has been driving the truck in the UK for over 7 years. They take the viewers on a journey to show how a day in the life of a truck driver looks in the UK. They commence their shift at 4:30 PM. The first few minutes are needed to be dedicated to the formalities like paperwork (logbook) and visual inspection of the truck.

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Then the app of the company (Amazon, in this case) has the details of the stops for the day. Trucks need to visit the warehouses and load the cargo/trailer and then drop it to some other part of the country. During their journey, they have to take a mandatory rest every 4.5 hours to stay fresh. After travelling for around 300 miles (480 km) on this day. The vlogger shows that the shift ended at around 6 in the morning (14 hours).

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Income Details

There are two categories of truck drivers – Class 1 and Class 2. Class 2 refers to those drivers who are new. They get paid around £14-15 per hour. This roughly translates to around Rs 1,400-1,500 INR. For the Class 1 drivers, even at the start of their careers, they could expect around £16-17 per hour (Rs 1,600-1,700). However, after gaining experience in the field for some time, these wages could very well go over £22 per hour. This is a brief and broad overview of the salaries one could expect if he/she wishes to travel to the UK to become a truck driver.

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