India’s First Tata Altroz XZ With Aftermarket CNG Kit – This is it!

Here is a video showing the first-ever Tata Altroz in India with an aftermarket CNG kit installation. The owner of the premium hatchback decided to take the plunge after witnessing the prices of petrol skyrocketing. The astronomical prices of petrol are becoming a serious concern for customers using their vehicles in the city for day-to-day running. As explained by the owner, he typically spends between Rs 10,000 to Rs 12,000 per month just on fuel. This is quite shocking that people are having to spend more than the EMIs on fuel alone. This doesn’t include the other running costs like service, maintenance and other bits. People are beginning to look the other way. The most practical option is alternate fuels such as CNG.

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Now, the main feature of installing CNG in your car is the fact that the technology has been around for a long time now. One won’t feel the lack of infrastructure of experience of the CNG driving. People are already aware of the characteristics of a CNG vehicle. There are plenty of charging stations in almost all the major cities. The installation process is quite straightforward. Here are the details of installing the aftermarket CNG kit as explained by the Tata Altroz owner.

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Tata Altroz Aftermarket CNG Installation

The Altroz is one of the most popular premium hatchbacks in our country. It shot to fame for its bold looks and 5-star NCAP safety rating along with plenty of modern features and tech. After the Hyundai i20 was launched last year, Altroz benefitted immensely from it because the prices of the i20 were too high. As a result, it outsold the Hyundai i20 in monthly sales multiple times. The owner of the Altroz had only driven the car 5,000 km. After getting the second service done, which involved the update of AL04 for better pickup, the owner installed the CNG kit. This nullifies the warranty of the vehicle. But he doesn’t mind that because he was already paying a lot per month for petrol.

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tata altroz cng image

The owner was more than willing to take the risk of losing the warranty. The entire installation process cost him around Rs 40,000. This includes the cost of the cylinder, other relevant components for the CNG kit and installation charges. The mileage that he gets in city is around 18 to 20 km per kg. The cylinder has a capacity of 8-9 kg. He is able to drive around 150 km in the city and over 200 km on the highway on a single fill. The cost of CNG per kg is hovering around Rs 45 at the moment which indicates great savings. If one wants to get rid of worrying about the fuel prices and is looking for alternatives, CNG is the most practical choice we have at the moment. However, you must be aware of some of the risks involved in the aftermarket CNG installation if you don’t go to an authorized dealer.

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