IT Company Gifts Employees New Maruti Baleno, Swift, Brezza & More

This Chennai-based IT company gifted 100 Maruti cars to its employees, including the new Maruti Baleno, Swift, Brezza, XL6, Ignis and more

Ideas2IT is a Chennai-based IT company that recently gifted its 100 employees 100 cars that includes the new Maruti Baleno, Swift, Brezza and more. This is one way of keeping the staff motivated. Incentives are always people appreciate and look forward to. Amidst the constant work and deadlines, companies often forget that it is their employees that are the most crucial elements to any organisation’s success. However, Ideas2IT ensured that it kept its promise to share its wealth with the employees because of which it has become a prominent IT company.

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Chennai-based Company Gifted 100 Cars To Its Employees

Murali Vivekanandan, the founder and Chairman at Ideas2IT has promised to share the wealth and profits of the company with its dedicated staff who had ensured that they achieve the lofty goals they had set for the company about 7-8 years ago. As a token of appreciation and gratitude, the company spent Rs 15 Crore to gift its loyal employees 100 Maruti Suzuki cars ranging from the new Maruti Baleno, Swift to Brezza, XL6 and S-Cross. The employees were quoted as saying that this is not the first time the founder has done this. He mentions that during the festive season or other special occasions, the company has gifted its staff members things like gold coins, iPhones, etc. Still, getting cars was not something they were expecting.

The founder also said that this is just the beginning. The company intends to keep announcing such initiatives in the future as well. The total employees in the company stand at 500. However, the company chose the 100 people who have been with the organisation for over 10 years. This clearly indicates that the company keeps a record of the hard work that some employees have put in consistently for over a decade and decided to reward them appropriately.

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IT Company Gifts Employees New Maruti Baleno, Swift, Brezza & More
Ideas2IT, a Chennai-based IT Company, recently showered love on its loyal employees by gifting them cars, including new Maruti Baleno, Swift, Brezza and more.

We hope that this move by the company to gift new Maruti Baleno, Swift, Brezza and other cars to its loyal employees serves as a nice reminder to all the big companies out there who don’t consider the employees so special. Because that is when an employee feels undervalued and is not able to give his/her 100%. Rewards like these would certainly benefit the workers and persuade them to keep performing better with each passing day.

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