REJOICE! Jawa Bikes Coming Back to India!


It is well known that Mahindra Two Wheelers Ltd hasn’t been doing too well on the sales charts. While bikes like the Mojo and the Centura did create a lot of buzz, the limelight couldn’t really translate into a stellar sales performance. However, the company has far from given up. Apart from planning a series of marketing campaigns for Mojo, the manufacturer has also made some new investments. Mahindra 2 Wheelers recently acquired BSA Motorcycles. And now it has even announced bagging the license to sell Jawa motorcycles in India! Read on for more on Jawa bikes India re-launch plans.jawa bikes india

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Jawa Bikes Launch Date in India

Jawa is a fairly well known brand in India, especially among the last generation. Now, it seems like the once popular nameplate is ready to commence its second innings. MTWL has obtained an exclusive license to sell Jawa bikes in India, SriLanka and Bangladesh. Jawa motorcycles will made it to the market within a timeframe of 2 years! So basically, we are looking at a launch date in 2018 or early 2019.

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jawa bikes india

Mahindra will also help the BSA brand of motorcycles to establish a stronger foothold in the international bike market. Mahindra 2 Wheelers will sell BSA models in USA and Europe. The new Jawa bikes, however, are for India and other Asian countries. The upcoming Jawa bikes for India won’t feature Mahindra co-branding. A new dealer network will sell these bikes.

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Jawa Bikes India – New Model Line-up

The upcoming Jawa bikes will be a part of a all-new line-up. These bikes will be all-new models that will be made at Mahindra’s Pithampur facility. As we said, these bikes are a couple of years away from launch. However, Mahindra 2 Wheelers has asserted it will try and create a new lifestyle around this brand. jawa bikes india

Jawa previously sold 125cc, 250cc and 500cc motorcycles. Among these, the 250cc model garnered the highest fan following in India. These bikes were later sold under the Yezdi brand. The Classic and the Roadking models from Yezdi have received almost a cult status in India. Mahindra also plans to come up with new models in the BSA range. Famous models from BSA include the Bantam, Lightning, Gold Star, A7, A10, Victor, and Rocket 3. It is a bit too early to speculate on the upcoming bikes. However, M2W will be trying hard to retain the unmistakable characteristics of these classics.

Jawa Bikes India – Showrooms

The M2W dealer network won’t sell Jawa bikes in India. Instead, sale of these bikes will be thru a separate dealer network. The showrooms for the Jawa bikes will feature a special design to cater to the rich clientele. Also, Mahindra will not use its own branding on these bikes to preserve Jawa’s iconic image. Mahindra’s role will be to simply produce and distribute these machines.

The Jawa brand took birth in 1929 in Czechoslovakia. Based out of the scenic city of Prague, the Czech brand entered India in 1950. Back then, the only competition it faced was from Royal Enfield. Jawa bikes for India were manufactured in Mysore. The bikes employed simple engineering, basic designs, and air-cooled engines. These bikes were highly rugged and maintenance-free. Jawa stopped production in the 1990s. Among the most popular Jawa bikes in India was the 250cc Roadking.

The manufacturer has emphasized on its plans to recreate the magic of the Jawa design. It also plans to leverage Mahindra Racing’s capabilities. Apart from bringing Jawa bikes to India, Mahindra also plans to bring four new models of the Mojo. These models- Tourer, Adventure, Cruiser and Street- will be sold in a wide price range.Mahindra MojoAlso See – 5 Reasons to buy the Mojo 300

Stay tuned to Car Blog India for more on the upcoming ‘Retro Specials’. What do you think, will Mahindra be able to re-create the magic of Jawa bikes? Do you await Jawa bikes India re-launch? Let us know by penning down your thoughts in the comments section below. Also, stay tuned for latest news on Jawa bikes India re-launch plans.

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  1. Hi, my name is jasper Austain Alexander and yes I am waiting for jawa relaunch but for only old model 250cc


  3. I dont think it can succeed if it change it looks. Royal Enfield is a huge success becoz of its looks and beat. If Jawa would like to regain its position it should have the same looks and beat!!! Otherwise it makes no sense!!!

  4. I am Venkataraman. I have used Yezdi 250 classic for 14 years from 1984. It is a great bike with a Roarrrr especially when the muffler is removed from the exhaust pipes. Enthused at its Come back. Should come with the same styling..

  5. I am pavankumar l will wait java remix byke I am very happy to new lanch java thanks to mahindra ……see mandrake

  6. I think only four stroke bikes could be launched in lndia. However jawa may keep its retro style,single lever for gear and kicker,double silencer etc.

  7. Hi iam krishnoji rao from Bangalore I request Mahindra company people to launch yezdi roadking in the same old look without any changes with 4 stroke of 250 cc and 350cc with the same design . I bet you that you people can acquire market more than rotal Enfield with 100000000% Ian sure about it.

  8. HI This is Gaurav Singh From Delhi. i am Proud owner of Yezdi Classic D-250. i ve Restored it and it took me almost two years too reach to a final fine tuned product as the spares were not available, the work is still in process. During this Restoration Process i saw many Short comings in Yezdi. here is a list which i believe Mahindra should pay attention: As they are becoming the liberators…

    Yezdi was the only contender to Royal enfield in history, this could become a golden opportunity to Mahindra to Relaunch these Bikes,

    Factor No-1 is- Other than Royal Enfield there is no “MUSCLE BIKE” on indian Roads. apart from harley davidson, Bajaj- Avenger, UM renegade commando, and other Foreign Brands. Yezdi Only had the shape, Engine and design on the same segment, BUT… on a lower side.

    Factor No-2 is For sure MANDRAKE… when ever i go out on my Yezdi on weekends, i get surrounded by Old & young both. Old fellows connect the bike with their Memories and Youngsters are curious to know about the brand, performance, and Definitely the CHARM- TWIN EXHAUST. Above all THE SOUND That it produces. So i suggest No matter what upgrades you do in the design… YOU CAN NOT COMPROMISE ON THE SOUND. & twin exhaust also.

    My yezdi story started on the same lines, i wanted to purchase a new bike, and focused on R.E. But my idea changed and i decided to invested that money on Yezdi.
    This time Mahindra must not compromise on Bike design. R.E Made a successful retreat only coz they stick to the ORIGNAL DESIGN viz MUSCLE BIKE. & sensible UPGRADE.

    In my openion (I am not an expert Sir just a rookie with good experience now)

    If mahindra will put back the same design with same Mechanics JAWA (3 step pressure pumping, plus the fuel injection system) will never win hearts of Young breed, only elders will stick to it coz of their old days lost love. Mahindra You will Have to work on few angles- Tank capacity, side panels, seat, 3 most important SUSPENSION, Electrical AND WHEELS. you have to go to Tubeless. It has to be a combination of power, Muscle and new technology on the same machine. In short SENSIBLE MUSCLE POWER. (ELECTRICAL+ LOOKS+ ENGINE)

    i can not express my feelings for Mahindra for taking a step like this. i wish if Classic legends.pvt ltd will make themselves open to suggestion from people, JAWA WILL be a Huge success Globally.

  9. In a final addition i just want Mahindra to Take a look at TRIUMPH- Bonneville. i could be a possible upgrade of Yezdi.

  10. Amazing!!! Jawa and Yezdi reminds me of my childhood days when my father used to take me around on it. I remember kick starting the bike was a big event, he used to start 15 minutes early just to kick start. He managed to service the bike on his own all through. It was sold off in early 1990s due to the non-availability of spare parts. I could see the pain that he had to go through when he sold it off. With the reintroduction of Jawa bikes in India, it kicks off the nostalgia!! Will be very happy to wait and own one of them.
    Just wondering what would the price tag be??

  11. I have Yazdi …….very dinemic bike (My first bike- gifted by father)
    & i request to mahindra, plz don’t change in their frame & outer look……only this is the best part in all bikes ……….
    Plz relaunch in same design ……….

  12. There are toyes every where but no machine jawa have to come back and stay as RE.THERE ARE TOys for boy.but no machine for men.’WELCOME JAWA’

  13. He, my name is Abhishek Tripathy,I am from odisa,I am also waiting for jawa and yesdi old model bikes

  14. I think m&m would keep original look of jawa 250..only will change 2strock to 4strock royal enfild…will see jawa250 4strock with stage4 enzine in old look..?

  15. Krishnan Nampoothiri from harippad, Kerala. I am Very much delighted to know that mahindra is planning to bring back the roaring JAWAs to India. They have to maintain the Classic looks with a moderns engine.

  16. Krishnan Nampoothiri from harippad, Kerala. I am Very much delighted to know that mahindra is planning to bring back the roaring JAWAs to India. They have to maintain the Classic looks with a modern 4s engine.

  17. I am more expecting the relaunch of JAWA 500 release date ,Its looking awesome,the sound indicating the unique of the road King…Waiting for the date of release announcement.

  18. I had a 1963 Jawa. Lots of nostalgic memories. Very sad to have sold it. I am compelled to buy an Enfield for my son now. Wish I had the machine with the roarrrrring sound. Waiting for M&M to do bring back. It should have the look of yesterday , comfort of present and elegance of future; then only Enfield owners will envy.

  19. Comment: i’m sure… java bike will be get trend of 2019 & 2020…. royal enfield will lose their market…… 250cc… love u lot

  20. yezdi 250 cc classic my first bike love to ride the same again on roads .For god sake donot change the Look & starter lever of the bike .It’s awesome to ride . We are waiting

  21. It’s my humble request . Please don’ t alter it.s looks and never compromise with it’s dynamic performnace. Desperately waiting for the launch

  22. Old look is good 2stok to 4stok whoooo my choice Java takco all”redi my bike 7 I love java good News Java lunching (well my requirement to Mahindra old looks is please market launching ) varna Nahi chalengi??

  23. Understand that Mahendra will launch New Jawa/yezdi in the near future. But the front appearance shown is not up to the mark. This model will be more successful in the market if the front portion resembles like the jawa byc of 1965 model or of Yezdi of 1974 model. I have a yezdi byc reconditioned looks new, has majestic look and every one appreciates whenever I ride on it. New Yezdi if it is replica of the old model from the front view lot many people will go for it with their old sentiments. For example Enfield is sucessful until today because of its old look from the front view. Kindly make the required changes.

  24. Looking at the 50 CC Jawa photo, I feel it will not be popular.

    The Company should retain the old looks, no change in design, disk brakes will be accepted, rest all should be as per the Road King design.

  25. Looking at the 350 CC Jawa photo, I feel it will not be popular.

    The Company should retain the old looks, no change in design, disk brakes will be accepted, rest all should be as per the Road King design.


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