Jawa Forty Two Vs Royal Enfield Classic 350 – Detailed Comparison

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Check out our detailed comparison of Jawa Forty Two Vs Royal Enfield Classic 350, to decide which one is the better retro classic roadster.

Jawa Motorcycles made a comeback in 2018, with 3 new motorcycles. Jawa, Jawa 42 and Perak are the three models. However, Perak will be available later in the market.

Back in time, a similar price range put Jawa/Yezdi and Royal Enfield in competition. However, both had a completely different purpose of ride. While Jawa was quick and agile, meant for riders, RE has always been a touring delight with no speeding prowess.

Now, once again Jawa and Royal Enfield come in competition. With new technologies, both motorcycles are now updated.

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So, continue ahead for a detailed comparison of Jawa Forty Two Vs Royal Enfield Classic 350.


Jawa Forty TwoRoyal Enfield Classic 350
Price (ex-showroom)Rs 1.55 Lakhs onwardsRs 1.39 Lakhs onwards

Jawa Forty Two is priced from Rs 1.55 Lakhs to Rs 1.64 Lakhs. Classic 350 goes for Rs 1.39 Lakhs up to Rs 1.62 Lakhs.

Clearly, Forty-Two is costlier than the Classic 350. The difference between the prices is a mere Rs 2,000.

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Jawa Forty TWo


Jawa Forty Two and Royal Enfield Classic 350, both are classic motorcycles. Despite having modern fits and finishes, they portray a retro feeling. Many people are fans of this retro classic roadster look that both show off.

Forty-Two is a bit modern version of the new Jawa. The matte colour and modern touches make it distinctive from the Jawa. Design highlights include off-set instrument cluster, rear view mirrors at the ends of the handle, chrome dippings over the exhaust and the proud Jawa logo on fuel tank.

Likewise, Classic 350 also maintains the old-school look. Design highlights include heavy chrome inserts, the bulbous fuel tank and attractive colour options. Also, the loud exhaust note of Classic is one of its main features.

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Royal Enfield Classic Signals 350 ABS


Engine293cc liquid-cooled346cc air-cooled
Power27 BHP19 BHP
Torque28 Nm 28 Nm

Forty-Two gets a 293cc liquid-cooled BS-6 engine that thumps out 27 BHP and 28 Nm of torque. The engine is newly developed and especially for the two Jawa motorcycles.

On the other hand, Classic 350 gets a more powerful 346cc air-cooled engine that puts out 19 BHP and 28 Nm of peak torque. The same engine setup comes in all 350cc RE bikes.

For transmission, Jawa gets a 6-speed gearbox and Classic gets a 5-speed.


Jawa Forty TwoRE Classic 350
Fuel Tank Capacity14 Litres 13.5 Litres
Mileage (claimed)30 kmpl32 kmpl
Riding Range (as per claimed mileage)420 kms430 kms

Jawa gets a fuel tank capacity of 14 Litres. As per its estimated mileage of 30 kmpl, it should offer a riding range of around 420 kms.

Classic 350 gets a 13.5 Litres fuel tank capacity. Its estimated mileage is around 32 kmpl, which makes the riding range go up to 430 kms.

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Features on both the motorcycles are barely even there. But, retro bikes are always loved for their simplicity and less technology onboard. Following are the features of Jawa Forty Two:

  1. Liquid Cooled engine
  2. Dual-channel ABS
  3. Classic Analogue Speedometer
  4. Single tan seat
  5. Twin Pea-Shooter Exhaust mufflers

Following are the features onboard Royal Enfield Classic 350:

  1. Dual-channel ABS (Standard Fitment)
  2. Analogue Speedometer
  3. Flat Split Seats

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Brakes and Weight

Jawa Forty TwoRE Classic 350
Front BrakesDisc with ABSDisc with ABS
Rear BrakesDisc with ABS (optional)Disc with ABS
Weight170 kgs192 Kgs

When Jawa Forty Two was first launched, it came with a front disc brake and rear drum brake with single-channel ABS setup. In December last week, rear disc brake with dual-channel ABS was introduced on the bike.

Even Royal Enfield is updating its lineup with ABS quickly. Sadly, Royal Enfield does not offer ABS with all the colours of Classic 350. The standard colours are still offered only with front and rear disc brake setup.

One of the important reasons for Jawa to have better power figures is because it is lighter. At 170 kgs, it is 22 kgs lighter than Classic 350.