Jawa Motorcycles Will Be Delivered Faster Starting Soon – Details

Reports suggest that the production speed and capacity of Jawa Motorcycles is set to increase in the coming months. You might get your Jawa sooner than the estimated date!

As we all know, Jawa Motorcycles is currently facing a waiting period of up to 9 months. Yes, the bikes are solid booked till December 2019, with the initial batches scheduled to get their bikes by September 2019.

Fresh reports from Hindu Business Line confirm that the waiting period will soon reduce. The production capacity and speed of the bikes will be increased in the coming months.

Jawa Dealership

Currently, if one has booked the Jawa at a showroom, he/she will be told that there would be a 9-10 month-long waiting period. There is a lot of effort going behind ramping-up (production) with suppliers, and that is showing us very positive results. We are overwhelmed with the response, and we have now come to terms with this kind of response and we have worked very hard towards the ramp up. I think over the next few months, people will start realising that there is a steady stream of motorcycles coming through and (that) people are getting their machines. It’s not about building up your capacity, but it’s about building up supplier capacity as well. And here we are, with a resurrected brand, a completely new motorcycle (with) a completely new set of suppliers supplying it to us — it takes a little while to get everything up to scale.

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This tells us that Jawa Motorcycles is currently working with suppliers to increase the production capacity. Currently, the bike has 2,500 components and just 700 suppliers for them.

Jawa and Jawa Forty-Two come with a 293cc liquid-cooled engine, that delivers 28 BHP and 32 Nm of peak torque, mated to a 6-speed gearbox. The former is a classic motorcycle, while Forty-Two is a modernized version of it.

The prices of Jawa start off at Rs 2.64 Lakhs to Rs 2.73 Lakhs. Forty-Two goes for Rs 2.55 Lakhs to Rs 2.44 Lakhs. The extra Rs 9,000 is for the dual-channel ABS setup.

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With this, the launch of Jawa Perak has also been delayed. Earlier, it was scheduled to launch by September, which is now postponed to early 2020.