Jeep Compass Faces ‘Serious Engine Issues’ Within 40 Days of Purchase – Owner Shares Experience

  • Jeep Compass is a premium mid-size SUV in our market.
  • Many owners have reported complaints in the brand-new SUV.
  • This is one such case where a 40-day-old SUV has issues.

In this post, we shall discuss the experience of a Jeep Compass owner with the dealership. Compass is a premium mid-size SUV in our market. It comes with a 4×4 drivetrain in its top version. People buy it for great driving and handling capabilities. However, there have been quite a few instances where the SUV has given problems to the owner early on. What’s worse, the dealership staff doesn’t have a clue about these issues. Let us take a look at one such case here.

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Jeep Compass Serious Engine Issues
A Jeep Compass started facing ‘serious engine issues’ within 40 days and a few hundred km of purchase.

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Jeep Compass Owner Shares His Experience with the Dealership

The details of this case have been shared by the brother of the Compass owner on Team BHP forum. As per the owner’s brother, the SUV faced ‘serious engine issues’ soon after it was bought. This Compass is the diesel 4×4 automatic Limited edition. Within the first 40 days, the engine suddenly shut off during normal driving and didn’t start. By that time, the SUV was driven for around 1,100 km. The condition was so terrible that the RSA had to be called to tow away the SUV to the dealership. When the owner called the next day, no one was able to diagnose the issue which is quite strange and scary for the owner.

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Finally, the owner went to the workshop where the staff confirmed that the engine froze due to a broken shaft. Now, such a mechanical failure in a brand-new car raises a lot of questions about the quality of manufacturing. Needless to say, no customer would accept a car with such a grave issue within the first 40 days. Hence, the owner wrote emails to the top officials at Jeep asking them to replace the engine. But no one responded.

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This is the typical behaviour of the management. They just shun the customer hoping that the issue will go away. Spending upwards of Rs 30 lakh on a car and then having such treatment is beyond understanding. The owner asks the forum members as to what method should he adopt as no one in the company is replying to him or addressing his issues. We can only hope that Jeep India takes cognizance of this matter and provides an appropriate solution at the earliest so that people feel more confident before buying a Jeep product. Do share your thoughts about this with us.

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