WATCH – Rs 3 Crore Kenworth Truck Imported From America Plying on Indian Roads

It is not every day that we witness an imported truck roaming around on our highways but we have found one.

This video clip shares glimpses of a Kenworth truck imported from America plying on Indian roads. Now, you might have seen the elite and influential people paying big bucks to import their favourite sportscar to India. However, what you won’t find all that often is someone paying to import an American truck. Reasons could be as simple as exorbitant prices and a sheer lack of servicing outlets which is a great issue if you are operational in the transport business. But that doesn’t stop some people from doing so.

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Kenworth Truck Imported to India from America

The video clip has been shared as YouTube Shorts. The person who recorded this video found this unique sighting near a toll plaza. The visuals showcase a massive truck with different proportions coming through the toll gate. Looking closely, it is a Kenworth which is a popular product in North America. It is one of the most commonly seen machineries used for heavy transportation. Many of you might have actually seen it in a ton of Hollywood movies. That is what made this sighting so exciting.

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Now, digging a bit deeper, we had reported such an incident previously as well where a man from Gujarat was a fan of American trucks. He owns a big transportation firm and has a ton of other trucks in his fleet. According to the reports about that, the truck costs a whopping Rs 3 Crores including purchase price, import duty and road tax. He was featured on various news channels. He mentioned that he had kept a dedicated driver for this truck because it has the steering on the left side as opposed to Indian automobiles which have the steering wheel on the right side.

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rs 3 crore kenworth truck india
Rs 3 crore Kenworth Truck in India.

Before you ask, it is not illegal to drive a vehicle with steering on the left side in India. However, you must take prior permission from the authorities like the RTO and inform them about the vehicle. Only after that, you can drive such a vehicle on the road. Needless to say, you need to be professional in order to drive optimally. What are your thoughts about this imported truck?

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