Rs 5.6 Cr Lamborghini Aventador Hits Toyota Fortuner, Tosses it 5 ft in Air!

Powered by 6.5-litre V12, the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster offers a maximum power of 730 PS and peak torque of 690 Nm

In an unfortunate development, a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster worth Rs 5.62 crore has hit a Toyota Fortuner and got destroyed beyond recognition. It is said that the car was run at an excessive speed of almost 300 kmph when it got out of control and hit a Toyota Fortuner. Thankfully, there was no casualty in this mishap. It is being said that the Lamborghini in question was being test driven by the dealership staff and the owner of the vehicle let go of the staff only after the company paid for the damages of the vehicle.

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It has been reported by local media that the owner of the vehicle had booked the black Lamborghini Aventador from Mumbai a few days ago by opting for finance from a private bank. Earlier today, when the company representatives came to deliver the vehicle, they were asked by the buyer to to take a test drive of the vehicle and see if all’s in order. While the manager was taking the test drive and demonstrating the vehicle’s performance to the buyer, he increased the speed of the car. It’s said that the vehicle got out of control around the speed of 300 kmph and banged into the owner’s Toyota Fortuner parked on the side of the road. It is said that the impact was so intense that the SUV was tossed 5 feet in the air while the supercar finally came to a halt on hitting the pavement.

Eyewitness say that had the Aventador not hit the Toyota Fortuner, it would have turned turtle at a high speed and its occupants lives would have been endangered. After this accident, the buyer demanded compensation from the dealership staff for the great damage caused to his new possession. Initially, the staff had asked the buyer to have the insurance company pay for the damages but the buyer asked his legal advisor for help and let go of the staff only after he received an amount of Rs 4 crore from the dealership.

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lamborghini aventador toyota-fortuner accident jalandhar
Speeding Lamborghini Aventador Hits Toyota-Fortuner accident.

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A video that was shot after the mishap took place shows the Lamborghini Aventador parked under a cover. A Toyota Fortuner that is seen in the video seems to have sustained damage on the side profile. We’re really sad to see the poor state of the supercar but are happy that there was no loss of life in such a high speed collision.


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