Lamborghini Urus from Pakistan is Actually a Toyota Fortuner

This Lamborghini Urus looks great. However, it is in fact a Toyota Fortuner that has been modified to look like the Italian SUV.

The Lamborghini Urus is one of the first modern-day SUVs from the Italian company. It is quickly becoming very popular among car enthusiasts. The Urus is the quickest-selling model in Lamborghini’s lifetime. Now, you can see it on the Pakistani streets. However, it is in fact a modified Toyota Fortuner. The car owner was not satisfied with the Toyota SUV. Hence, he took the Fortuner to a modification shop and made it look like the hot SUV from the Italian performance brand. Let’s take a closer look:

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Lamborghini Urus replica based on Toyota Fortuner
Lamborghini Urus replica based on Toyota Fortuner

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As you can see in the images above, the Toyota Fortuner has been expertly transformed to look like a Lamborghini Urus. However, it does not look like a replica. The modified SUV looks very different from a standard Toyota Fortuner, with a lot of changes on the front end. It retains the Fortuner moniker on the hood and gets the stock headlamps from the Indian Toyota Legender. It belongs to a car enthusiast from Sialkot Pakistan and the pictures were shared on social media by Sailkoti Racers.

In terms of design, the Lamborghini Urus wannabe features an aftermarket bumper and an aggressive front grille. The front bumper comes with the signature Y-shape design elements on the sides. There is also a split central dam. The all-LED headlamps come with vertical lamps. Additionally, the Toyota Fortuner gets a diffuser at the bottom with a hexagonal part in the middle (houses ADAS and other assistance systems in the Lamborghini Urus). It is to be noted that there have not been many changes apart from the front end.

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Lamborghini Urus

The Lamborghini Urus is one of the biggest success stories for European cars in recent times. Lamborghini has been one of the biggest Italian sports car brands. Now, it has captured the public interest with an SUV. The Lamborghini Urus is powered by a 4.0-liter, twin-turbocharged V8 petrol engine that offers a maximum power of 650 PS, a peak torque of 850 Nm, and a top speed of 305 km/h. It comes with an 8-speed automatic transmission and an AWD system.

Lamborghini Urus
Lamborghini Urus

Previously, Lamborghini had launched the LM002 SUV. However, it was a short-lived model. With the Lamborghini Urus, the brand has truly redeemed itself. In terms of design and performance, it carries the Lamborghini legacy of a sports car manufacturer. The popular SUV features a heightened stance and four-door layout. However, the family SUV can still go from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.6 seconds. As a result, the Urus has become massively popular around the world. Lamborghini has delivered more than 200 units of high-performance SUVs in India.

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Toyota Fortuner

The Toyota Fortuner comes in two powertrain options. The 2.7-liter four-cylinder naturally aspirated petrol engine offers 166 PS of power and 245 Nm of torque. On the other hand, the 2.8-liter four-cylinder diesel engine outputs 204 PS of power and 420 Nm of torque (500 Nm in automatic variants). Both variants can be paired with 6-speed manual and 6-speed automatic transmissions. Additionally, the popular SUV comes with rear-wheel drive as standard. However, the diesel version gets an optional four-wheel-drive version.

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