Lucknow Youth Cuts Cake on Road, Police Makes Him and His Friends Clean the Mess

A Lucknow resident who cut his birthday cake in the middle of the road was asked by the police to clean the mess last Friday

Birthdays are always special, especially if you have the company of your friends. Things get even better when the one’s friends do something to make things more exciting. However, in most cases, people celebrate in their homes or restaurants. At times, some even plan a trip to a nice place along with your friends. However, a youth in Lucknow decided to celebrate his birthday in the middle of a main road!

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lucknow youth cuts cake road cops clean mess
A police inspector made a youth and his friends clean the mess they created by cutting a birthday cake in the middle of the road.

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The said person and his friends held the cake cutting ceremony in the middle of the road. Of course, they would have enjoyed the occasion but what followed is something that could’ve taught them a lesson for life. Actually, the entire process of the cake-cutting left a huge mess behind. Things were so bad that the celebration created a mess on the road. Soon, though, a police inspector intervened. The birthday boy and his friends were made to clean the road.  

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As per the reports, this incident took place on the midnight of Friday. A group of youngsters came together at the 1090 intersection with the ‘I Love Lucknow’ sign positioned in the backdrop. As often happens, the birthday cake was smeared on the boy’s face by his friends. However, it ended up dirtying the road. Now, this is something that’s not just untidy but also a traffic hazard. A two-wheeler could have easily lost balance over all the cream smeared on to the road surface.

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Police Inspector Makes Birthday Boy Clean the Road

However, as you can see in the video above, the youth can be seen cleaning the road. Basically, he’s scrapping the cream off the tarmac using the cardboard cake base. His friends can be seen surrounding him and watching him clean the road. Actually, a team of cops who noticed this intervened and made the birthday boy clean the road. After that, a police inspector even advised the group to act responsibly in public places. 

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