Mahindra Roxor Vs Mahindra Thar: Design, Interior, Engine And Price Comparison


Does the Mahindra Roxor just a pumped up version of the Thar which is sold in India. Or does it have completely different credentials? We compare the Mahindra Roxor Vs Mahindra Thar to see what are the basic points of differentiation between these two hardcore off-roaders.

Mahindra and Mahindra under their Mahindra Automotive North America (MANA) brand have launched the Roxor All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) in the United States. Roxor’s appearance is quite identical to the Mahindra Thar which the automaker sells in India. In fact, both the vehicles are designed to tackle off-road terrain. Only, the Mahindra Roxor is a little bit more extreme in its credentials. Here, an obvious question arises. Is the Roxor just a pumped, barebones, hard-core off-road version of the Mahindra Thar? Or is there more than meets the eye? To answer this, we are comparing the Mahindra Roxor Vs Mahindra Thar on the basis of their design, engine specifications and features. Read along!

Mahindra Roxor Vs Mahindra Thar Main

Mahindra Roxor Vs Mahindra Thar: Design Comparison

As stated earlier, in design, the Mahindra Roxor looks quite identical to the Thar, That said, the Roxor comes with a number of subtle differences. For instance, the front grille. The Mahindra Roxor’s grille features a slightly different design as compared to the one seen on the Thar. This is because Mahindra wants to avoid conflict with Jeep. Thar’s grille design is identical to what Jeep uses on their SUVs sold in America. Another point of difference is that the Roxor uses a Polyurethane body. While the Thar comes with a Steel Body.

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The Roxor, unlike the Thar, is not road legal. MANA has given no doors to the Roxor, no windscreen and no roof. The use of Polyurathene body structure and skipping the aforementioned body panels makes the Roxor light on its feet. A fact which will make it agile off the road. For added strength, it comes with a roll-cage. Unlike the Thar which comes with a proper cabin with door, windshield and a metal roof. Unlike the Thar, the Roxor comes with chunky off-road spec tyres with 16-inch rims.

Mahindra Roxor Vs Mahindra Thar Front Profile

Mahindra Roxor Vs Mahindra Thar: Interior Comparison

Mahindra Roxor’s cabin is completely barebones. In fact, there is no dashboard altogether. What you get is a metal sheet with a singular large dial along with switches for various operations. This is identical to the Jeeps of the past. The passenger seat does get a grab handle and that’s it. The Mahindra Thar’s dashboard, in comparison, is quite plush. It gets a dual-tone colour theme. A proper instrument cluster, air-con vents and glove box. The design has evolved over the years, with the recent update in 2015.

Mahindra Roxor Vs Mahindra Thar Rear Profile

Mahindra Roxor Vs Mahindra Thar: Engine Specifications

The Mahindra Roxor is powered by the same engine which does its duty on the Bolero. This is a 2.5-litre M2DICR motor. It produces 62 BHP along with 195 NM of peak torque. A 5-speed manual gearbox is available. The power is sent to all the four wheels with the help of a manual four-wheel-drive-shift lever. Roxor comes with a four wheel drive low and a four wheel drive high options.

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The Mahindra Thar, on the other hand, comes with two engine options. Ther base variant gets a 2.6-litre MDI 3200TC engine. This motor churns out 63 BHP along with 182 NM of peak torque. Both four-wheel drive and two-wheel drive options are available. The top end variant comes with 2.5-litre NEF TCI-CRDe engine. This motor is capable of putting out 105 BHP along with 247 NM of peak torque. This one comes standard with a four-wheel drive.

Mahindra Roxor Vs Mahindra Thar Side Profile

Mahindra Roxor Vs Mahindra Thar: Price Comparison

Roxor’s production will take place in America. Kits will be sent from India and assembled at Mahindra new plant in Detroit. Talking about the prices, the Roxor costs $15,000, which translates to INR 10 Lakh. On the other hand, a Thar’s base two-wheel drive variant goes for INR 6.39 Lakh with the top-end variant costing INR 9.11 Lakh (ex-showroom).

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