Mahindra Thar Gets Stuck in Gurugram Rains, Rescued By A Crane

Mahindra Thar is a capable off-roader but people could take things a bit too far at times.

In this video clip, a Mahindra Thar is seen stuck in the rain and being rescued by a crane. Thar is a popular and capable off-roader that is in great demand in the market. Thar has popularized the lifestyle off-roading segment in India ever since the launch of the latest iteration last year. It still commands a huge waiting time for the delivery of a few variants in a few cities. However, people could sometimes take things too far relying too much on the adventurous capabilities of the SUV. Let us check out the details here.

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Mahindra Thar Stuck in Rain Rescued by a Crane

The video has been posted by Raftaar 7811 on Youtube. It shows a Thar stuck on the side of the road in a heavy downpour in Gurugram. The visuals clearly show how heavy the rainfall is. The details of how the Thar got stuck on the side of the road are not mentioned. Nevertheless, it is entirely possible that due to heavy rain and a lack of visibility, the driver might not have been able to see the road clearly. As a result, the SUV went into a pothole and got stuck there due to a lack of traction.

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From one side, the SUV looks deeply bent into a corner and the tyres are almost in the air. As a result, the driver is not able to put down all the power on the road. To rescue the Thar, a crane is called to the location. The video clip shows how they tie a harness around the SUV and the crane is able to pull up the Thar a little. As soon as the Thar gets to the road, it is able to drive off as it gets enough traction. This highlights the perils of driving in heavy rains.

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We can only urge our readers to not attempt anything of this sort, especially in monsoon rains. Make sure to head out only if it is an emergency. Apart from that, you must restrict your tours because the rains and water could get highly unpredictable very quickly. We must not play with water and not underestimate its force. Let’s learn this lesson from this video and stay safe.

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mahindra thar water logged gurgaon
Mahindra Thar stuck in Gurgaon freed by crane.

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