Mahindra XUV700 Can Go Fully Driverless Like Tesla – Here’s Why We DON’T Recommend It

Many modern vehicles are coming up with Level 2 ADAS functions allowing them to be driven without anyone in the driver’s seat.

Did you know that you could use the Mahindra XUV700 driverless like a Tesla? Well, the ADAS functions on the XUV700 allow you to not be present in the driver’s seat. It controls the steering wheel if the lanes are properly marked on the road, the Adaptive Cruise Control controls the acceleration and braking automatically depending on how the car in the front is moving and the number of sensors, cameras and radars detect any sort of obstacle on the road to bring the vehicle to a complete standstill.

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Mahindra XUV700 Shouldn’t Be Used Like A Driverless Tesla

In order to raise awareness regarding the potential safety hazards, the team at Car and Driver decided to conduct specific tests on 17 modern vehicles with ADAS capabilities. The aim was to see how far a driver can go before the system detects foul play and brings the cars to a stop. Interestingly, unbuckling the seat while driving results in the deactivation of driver safety aids in some cases and stopping the car in some others. But a vast majority of cars did nothing.

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For the second test with the Adaptive Cruise Control set to 60 mph (96 km/h), the driver took his hands off the steering wheel. Most cars drove for about 21 secs before the system brought it to a standstill, while Hyundai allowed the drive to go on for as long as 91 secs. In the second part of this test, the driver decided to wrap an ankle weight around the steering wheel to see if the system can be fooled easily. Only Mercedes and BMW were able to detect the deceit because they use touch sensors. All the others were easily deceived by this trivial trick.

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mahindra xuv700 fully driverless
Even with semi-autonomous driving tech, the Mahindra XUV700 can go totally driverless.

Finally, they tried to get out of the seat while driving by keeping some weight on the driver’s seat. Shockingly, no car was able to detect the missing driver and kept on driving for as long as one dared. This is a grave issue that even the most sophisticated modern systems were not able to detect foul play. This could potentially lead to a lot of chaos because careless drivers will do such acts putting their lives and the lives of others in danger.

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