Maruti Alto 800 with retrofitted all-electric kit launching soon!

E-Trio Automobiles, a startup, will soon launch Indian cars with retrofitted Electric kits. The first car to have this electric kit is Maruti Alto 800.

E-Trio automobiles is a Telangana based startup, which focusses on development of electric vehicles. Now, it is the first company in India to get ARAI approval for development of EVs. It gets an approval for the sale of retrofitted car kits, based on the regular outgoing models. The first one to receive is Maruti Alto 800, which is one of the best seller four-wheelers in India. Along with Alto, Wagon R with retrofitted electric kits is also approved. The company is all set to launch Maruti Alto 800 with retrofitted electric kits.

Maruti Alto 800 EV

A lot of automobile brands like Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai and Honda are gearing up for their EV launches starting from 2020-21. E-Trio currently equips Maruti Alto 800 and WagonR with electric kits. The startup plans to produce around 1,000 units per month. First, it will start off with at least 5,000 units.

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The electric motor that comes in Maruti Alto 800 has been imported from China and Korea. The electric motor does not come with any gears. As per ARAI, Alto and WagonR can travel up 150 kms on a full charge. Their another product, EV 180, which is the first generation Maruti Dzire can go up to 180 kms on a full charge. All the controls and process are developed in-house by E-Trio.

E-Trio aims to make all these cars swift with smooth acceleration. As per the startup, Maruti Alto 800 and WagonR can easily achieve a top speed of 150 km/hr. The EV 180 sedan can go up to 210 km/hr.

Maruti Alto 800 EV

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The EV 150 electric kit can be charged in 5 hours on a normal charger and in 1 hour on a fast charger. The EV 180 will take 7 hours for a full charge and 1 hour with a fast charger. Both the models can accelerate from 0-60 km/hr within 5 seconds flat.

Other features on these EVs include digital instrument cluster, Remote diagnostics, Regenerative braking, Anti Slip Control and Intelligent Battery System. The instrument cluster comes with speed, charge, voltage, car’s performance and more. The prices are not known till yet. But they are most likely to be priced affordably.

Maruti Alto 800 EV

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A lot of electric vehicles are scheduled to debut starting from 2020-21. For the development and growth of the EV concept in India, the government is introducing many policies. Lowering GST rates on lithium-ion batteries, subsidies for EV buyers, tax benefits and more are some examples.

New Maruti Alto 800 India Launch, Price Expectations, Features, Specifications And Other Details


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