Maruti Baleno Seen Carrying Heavy Load on Roof – Why AVOID This

Indian roads throw up interesting visuals every day and this is a perfect example of that.

In this video, a Maruti Baleno is seen carrying a heavy load on its roof. We all know that a Baleno is not meant for such applications. It is a premium hatchback designed for the comfort of the passengers in the hatchback segment. Nevertheless, people end up using it for their day-to-day activities. That could involve such careless attempts that risk not only the safety of the driver and the car but also of other people on the road.

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Maruti Baleno Carries Heavy Load on Roof

The post has been uploaded by suratlike on Instagram. In it, a Maruti Baleno is seen carrying two heavy packages on its roof. Being a hatchback, it doesn’t have roof rails or a luggage carrier. The driver has simply tied these huge packages on the roof using a rope. The sheer size of these is making them extend out of the body of the vehicle. That in itself is an issue. Secondly, the car is being driven amidst busy traffic on the road. It is not that this stunt is being carried out on some society street.

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We can’t stress enough why you must NEVER do this. There is no way to be sure that the package is secured tightly enough for it to not fall on the road creating a ruckus. While one might argue that it is adequately tied up, the absence of dedicated roof rails or a goods carrier means that Baleno is not made for carrying out such operations, to begin with. If it falls on the road, it is bound to cause an accident as people can’t react quickly enough. Hence, you must avoid this at all costs.

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We urge our readers to always follow traffic rules and not undertake such careless actions. These are precisely the reasons why Indian roads are considered so unsafe. We lose thousands of lives each year because of these mindless acts. It is high time we start taking the road and personal safety seriously. What are your thoughts on the matter?

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Maruti Baleno Carries Heavy Load on Roof
Maruti Baleno Carries Heavy Load on Roof

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