Woman Drives Her New Maruti Baleno Into Sewer Soon After Delivery

New drivers often commit mistakes for which they end up paying the price and this case represents just that.

In this video, a rookie mistake of a new driver causes Maruti Baleno to fall into a sewer on the side of the road. Baleno is the most popular premium hatchback in the country. No wonder there are a ton of new drivers behind the wheel of one. It rivals the likes of the Hyundai i20 and Tata Altroz in the segment but maintains a comfortable spot at the top of the sales charts. Let us take a look at the details of this incident.

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Maruti Baleno Falls Into A Sewer

The video has been uploaded by Prateek Singh on YouTube. He regularly posts such content in order to raise awareness among car buyers regarding the relevance of buying cars with high safety ratings. This incident has been reported from Mysore in Karnataka. As per the information in the video, the driver of the vehicle was perhaps still learning or had recently learnt how to drive. This can be deduced from the fact that when she was crossing over a bridge, she hit the accelerator pedal instead of the brakes while turning.

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As a result, the vehicle sped off the bridge and landed in a sewer nearby. The visuals show that the car is brand new and went nose-first into the drainage. The plastic covering of the seats is still intact signifying that the car was bought recently. The narrator mentions that the driver escaped without any injuries and the vehicle looks fine from all sides. However, there are damages to the front fascia of the premium hatchback. That is due to the vehicle hitting the bottom after the fall but the exact impact is not visible.

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New Drivers Shouldn’t Drive Alone

It is advised not to drive the vehicle alone if you are still not confident enough to drive. This is a common mistake that new learners make. It hapeens when they get confused about whether to press the accelerator or brakes in such sudden situations. New drivers don’t have enough experience to react quickly to such scenarios. Hence, they often end up getting involved in an accident. What are your thoughts on the matter?

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woman driver maruti baleno sewer
A Maruti Baleno was driven into a sewer by a new driver who had just taken the delivery of her new car.

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