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Maruti Baleno RS vs Ford Figo 1.5 Petrol [COMPARED!]

Maruti has launched a faster, sportier version of the Baleno hatchback. The new Maruti Baleno RS not only carries all the virtues of the manufacturer’s most premium hatchback yet but also offers a sportier drive. The Baleno RS is a direct rival to the likes of Volkswagen Polo GT TSI and the Fiat Punto Abarth. And the Baleno RS enjoys a significant price advantage over its immediate rivals. However, there’s one car that might end up worrying the boffins at MSIL. Yes, we’re talking about the 1.5 Petrol variant of the new Figo. Equipped with a powerful engine and a Dual-clutch Transmission, the Figo 1.5 DCT is a pretty sporty car. We have compared it with the upcoming Maruti in our Maruti Baleno RS vs Ford Figo 1.5 Petrol comparison post here-

Maruti Baleno RS vs Ford Figo 1.5 Petrol

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Maruti Baleno RS vs Ford Figo 1.5 Petrol Price Comparison

Maruti Baleno RS Ford Figo 1.5 Petrol
Price (ex-showroom Delhi) Rs 8.69 Lakh Rs 7.44 Lakh

The Maruti Baleno RS costs Rs 8.69 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). The Figo 1.5 Ti-VCT costs Rs 7.44 lakhs, which is considerably lesser. For around 1.2 lakhs less, you get more power and a 6-speed DCT.

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Maruti Baleno RS vs Ford Figo 1.5 Petrol Specifications

Baleno RS Figo 1.5 Petrol
Engine Type/ Displacement 1.0 L Turbocharged Petrol 1.5 L Petrol
Power 100 hp 110 bhp
Torque 150 Nm 136 Nm
Top Speed 170 km/h (est) 190 km/h
Acceleration (0-100 km/h) 12 seconds (est) 9.7 seconds
Transmission (Gearbox) 5-speed manual 6-speed DCT automatic
Mileage (claimed) 21.1 kpl 17 kpl

While the Figo offers more power, the Baleno RS has more torque. However, let’s not forget that the Figo 1.5 Petrol offers a 6-speed Dual-clutch Automatic. The Baleno RS, on the other hand, makes do with a 5-speed Manual Transmission.

Mileage- Maruti cars are known to deliver a high average fuel mileage. And the Baleno RS is no different. Compared to the Figo’s fuel mileage of 17 KMPL, the Baleno RS delivers a higher fuel efficiency. However, real world fuel consumption might tell a different story.

Maruti Baleno RS vs Ford Figo 1.5 Petrol Images

Seen above are some images of the Ford Figo 1.5 Petrol and the new Maruti Baleno RS.

Maruti Baleno RS vs Ford Figo 1.5 Petrol Dimensions

Maruti Baleno RSFord Figo 1.5 Petrol

Length x Width x Height 3995 x 1745 x 1510 mm 3886 x 1695 x 1525 mm
Wheelbase 2520 mm 2491 mm
Kerb Weight 950 kg 1047 KGs
Wheel Type and Size 16-inch alloys 14-inch alloys
Boot Space 339 L 257 L

Maruti Baleno RS vs Ford Figo 1.5 Petrol Comparison – Verdict

  • Specifications – Ford’s 1.5 Petrol that powers the Figo puts out more power, but less torque in comparison to Suzuki’s 1.0 L Turbo petrol. Also, Figo is available with a 6-speed DCT. Baleno RS gets only a manual transmission.
  • Design – Ford doesn’t really market the Figo 1.5 as a performance oriented version of the hatchback. So, it doesn’t get any visual upgrades. The Baleno RS gets new bumpers, new grille and black alloys wheels.
  • Features – The Baleno RS comes only in the fully loaded Alpha trim, which gets more features than the Titanium-spec Figo.
  • Price – At Rs. 7.44 lakh, the Figo 1.5 Petrol cheaper than the Baleno RS by more than a lakh. Also, it comes with a 6-speed DCT automatic as opposed to the Baleno RS’ 5-speed manual. Although quite a few buyers would probably prefer a manual over an automatic.

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