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Maruti Cars at Auto Expo 2018

The 2018 Auto Expo is months away at the moment, but that hasn’t kept various speculations on upcoming new launches and new car unveils from pouring in. Earlier this year, we decided to put together a list of new cars that are likely to be in attendance at the upcoming Auto Expo. Here, however, we’ve narrowed down to a new launches and unveiling by India’s largest selling car manufacturer – Maruti Suzuki. Yes, we are yet to get a final word from Maruti on its plans for the 2018 Auto Expo line-up. However, our Maruti cars at Auto Expo 2018 list here should give you a good idea of what one can expect at the much awaited Delhi motor show.

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Maruti Cars at Auto Expo 2018

All New Maruti Swift

Estimated Price Rs. 5-8 lakh
Expected Specifications 1.2 L Petrol/1.3 L Diesel
Expected Launch Date Auto Expo 2018

Easily among the most awaited cars at Auto Expo 2018, and also the most awaited of all Maruti cars at Auto Expo 2018, the all-new Swift will make its India debut at the next auto show in Delhi. The new Swift is based on a lighter, more rigid platform that helps the car have improved efficiency and dynamics. It also gets a more spacious cabin and a much more modern design.

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Maruti Swift Sport (Swift RS)

Estimated Price Rs. 7 lakh
Expected Specifications 1.0 L Boosterjet Petrol
Expected Launch Date Mid 2018

The Swift RS is likely to accompany the new Swift at the 2018 Expo. It will be to the Swift what the Baleno RS is to the Baleno. The Swift RS will get the hotter Baleno’s turbo’ed 1.0-litre engine. Quite obviously, it will become the most expensive Swift model ever.

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New Maruti Small Car (Renault Kwid Rival)

Estimated Price Rs. 3-4 lakh
Expected Specifications 800cc Petrol
Expected Launch Date Mid 2018

Maruti Suzuki will also come up with an all-new hatchback concept that will spawn a Renault Kwid-rival. The new hatchback will be priced close to the Alto, but will aim to steal away buyers from the Kwid by offering similar crossover-ish looks. Engine options will include the 3-cylinder 0.8-litre and 1.0-litre Petrol engines from the Alto range.

New Maruti WagonR 2018

Launch Date November 2018
Price ₹ 4.50 lakh – 6.00 lakh
Specifications 1.0-K10 Petrol

The WagonR is one of the most popular nameplates of Maruti Suzuki. A tallboy hatchback, it is praised for its headroom and small dimensions. Maruti will now showcase the 2018 model, which will be all-new generation, at the Auto Expo 2018. The new generation will have more features, more space and higher safety. It will be built on company’s lightweight platform that will decrease the weight and increase the rididity of the structure. Launch will take place in next year’s festive season. The New Maruti WagonR will likely sport a 1.0-litre petrol engine under the hood. Also, do expect an AMT gearbox to be on offer on the car.

Maruti Grand Vitara

Estimated Price Rs. 14-18 lakh
Expected Specifications 1.6 L Diesel
Expected Launch Date First half 2018
Expected Specifications 1.6 L Diesel
Expected Launch Date First half 2018

Yes, the Grand Vitara moniker could re-enter India at the 2018 Auto Expo. The earlier Grand Vitara models were not very successful. But with the Indian car buying lot maturing and warming up to the idea of more premium Maruti Suzukis, the new iteration of Grand Vitara might find wider acceptance. The Grand Vitara will share the 1.6 L Diesel with the S-Cross.

Maruti Ciaz Facelift

Estimated Price Rs. 7.5-11 lakh
Expected Specifications 1.4 L Petrol/1.3 L Diesel
Expected Launch Date First Half 2018

Even the high-selling Ciaz will get a makeover. The Ciaz facelift will be another important model in the range of Maruti cars at Auto Expo 2018. It will come with tweaked styling and a set of new engines. While the petrol models will get a new 1.5-litre Petrol engine, the Diesel models could get a 1.6-litre unit that will be sold alongside the current 1.3-litre motor.

Maruti Vitara Brezza Petrol

Estimated Price Rs. 7-9 lakh
Expected Specifications 1.0 L Boosterjet petrol/1.4-litre K-series Petrol
Expected Launch Date End 2017 or Early 2018

A petrol variant of the Vitara Brezza is on the cards. Expected to launch at the Auto Expo 2018, the Vitara Breza petrol will further help the popular compact SUV establish a stronger foothold in the market. The petrol engine for the Brezza could be the 1.0-litre Boosterjet from Baleno RS. Maruti could even use the 1.4-litre motor from current Ciaz to keep costs down.

2018 Suzuki Jimny (New Maruti Gypsy)

Estimated Price Rs. 6.5-8.5 lakh
Expected Specifications 1.0-litre L Petrol/1.3 L Diesel
Expected Launch Date Late 2018

Yes, a new Maruti Gypsy is in the offing. Expected to be showcased at the next Auto Expo, the upcoming 2018 Suzuki Jimny will be one of the show-stoppers among all Maruti cars at Auto Expo 2018. The new Jimny will give birth to the new Gypsy. India will be the export hub for the new model.

New Generation Maruti Ertiga

Estimated Price Rs. 6.75-11 lakh
Expected Specifications 1.4-litre Petrol/1.3 L Diesel
Expected Launch Date Late 2018

Maruti will also launch an all-new Eritiga next year. The new Ertiga could debut at the 2018 Delhi Auto Expo in its concept avatar. It will be underpinned by the new Dzire’s HEARTECT platform. Engine options will include the current 1.4 K-series Petrol motor and an all-new 1.5-litre Diesel engine. Transmission options will include a 5-speed Manual and an AMT auto.

Maruti Alto 800 Diesel

Estimated Price Rs. 4 lakh
Expected Specifications 0.8-litre turbo diesel
Expected Launch Date NA

A number of reports have surfaced that point at a diesel engine for Alto to be in works. It will likely be a 2-cylinder turbo diesel unit that did duties on the Celerio. However, since the Alto 800 is quite light, you can expect this engine to transform the car into a high-mileage machine. However, there is no word on it yet. After all, Maruti had to cancel the Celerio diesel due to poor sales. So, the company will likely be working on a plan to turn this project into a success.

Maruti Ciaz 1.6 Diesel

Estimated Price Rs. 11 lakh
Expected Specifications 1.6-litre turbo diesel
Expected Launch Date May 2018

The Maruti Ciaz is a popular sedan which happens to be the longest, widest in its segment. It also happens to be the only hybrid car in its segment. It is likely that it will get a 1.6-litre diesel engine, particularly the one found on the S-Cross 1.6. This will help Maruti stave off competitors with big engines such as Hyundai Verna in its segment. Due to the car’s light weight, this car will likely become the fastest in its segment with the 1.6-litre engine from the S-Corss 1.6. The new engine will likely make way to the Ciaz once the facelift is rolled out. Or, Maruti may roll out the facelifted Ciaz with this new engine too. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Maruti Swift Sport

Estimated Price Rs. 10-12 lakh
Expected Specifications 1.4-litre turbo petrol
Expected Launch Date October 2018

There is already quite a buzz around the 2018 Maruti Swift, even though it will come to India next year. However, there is a madder Swift likely to be showcased at the Auto Expo 2018. This Swift is called the Swift Sport. Under its hood is a 1.4-litre BoosterJet turbo petrol engine. However, on its way to India, the 1.4-litre engine may be swapped out for the 1.0-litre BoosterJet engine that currently can be found under the Baleno RS’ hood. The Swift Sport will utilise a different grille design, different alloy wheel design and a redesigned front bumper too.

Maruti Cars at Auto Expo 2018

Model Expected Price
Swift (New Model) Rs. 5-8 lakh
New Small Car (Kwid Rival) Rs. 3-4 lakh
Wagon R (New Model) Rs. 3.75-5.25 lakh
Grand Vitara (New Model) Rs. 14-18 lakh
Ciaz Facelift Rs. 7.5-11 lakh
Vitara Brezza Petrol Rs. 7-9 lakh
New Maruti Gypsy Rs. 6.5-8.5 lakh
New Generation Maruti Ertiga Rs. 6.5-8.5 lakh
Maruti Alto 800 Diesel Rs 4 lakh
Maruti Ciaz 1.6 Diesel Rs 11 lakh
Maruti Swift Sport Rs 10-12 lakh

Seen above is a list of Maruti cars at Auto Expo 2018 along with their expected prices.

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