Maruti Eeco EV Can Cause Major Market Disruption

  • Maruti Suzuki showcased the electric version of the Eeco in 2010.
  • The special version was designed specifically for the 2010 Commonwealth Games.
  • If launched today, the Eeco EV can be a game changer

Not many remember that an all-electric version of the Maruti Eeco was showcased back at the Auto Expo 2010. Dubbed Maruti Eeco Charge, the electric version of the popular UV was designed for the Commonwealth Games in India. However, it was only meant to serve the purpose during the event. Being 2010, the EV wave was not ON like it is now. Nevertheless, if Maruti were to launch this today, it could surely prove to be a game changer as there are not really that many electrified products in the space. The only electric products in the small size commercial vehicle category that one can think of is the recently launched Tata Ace EV. The Eeco EV could be a direct rival to that.

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Maruti Eeco EV at Auto Expo 2010
Maruti Eeco EV at Auto Expo 2010

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Maruti Eeco EV

In terms of the design and interior layout, there will hardly be any changes compared to the existing model. Sure, there will be additional or distinct badging on the outside to distinguish it from the ICE-powered version, but too many new elements can’t be expected. Apart from that, the seating arrangement would also remain the same with either a bench seat for the second row or no seats at all for the cargo version.

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Maruti has been vocal about the lack of charging infrastructure in India for them to launch EVs at the moment to sell high volumes. However, going forward, there will be EVs from Maruti Suzuki which is when something like the Eeco EV could also join the fray. Obviously, the prices will need to be reasonable so that even small business establishments will be able to afford it. Currently, most commercial users of Eeco van belong to the MSME sector. Hence, the price plays a crucial role.

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maruti ecco charge ev side profile
Maruti Ecco Charge EV Side Profile


Interestingly, the Eeco EV showcased at the Auto Expo 2010 was powered by a 24 kWh lithium-ion battery pack that powered an electric motor to produce 50 kW (67 hp) of peak power. The top speed was capped at a decent 100 km/h and the range on a single charge was 100 km. Charging it with a 220 V system required 7 hours and there were Sports and Economy modes to choose from. If Maruti launches it now, these specs will need to be a bit better, particularly the range. Do share your thoughts on this with us.

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