Maruti Swift Old Model Bookings Stopped- New Swift 2011 May Be Launched Soon

Since there has already been a lot of unrest and curiosity among the small car buyers because of delay in the launch of Maruti Swift 2011 new model because of a long workers strike at Maruti Suzuki in June 2011, there is a lot of excitement and wait among the buyers. We all know the swift 2011 will launch soon in India but not really know how soon or how late. As per a latest development, the booking of existing model of Maruti Swift has stopped at many dealers. Most dealers are not accepting bookings for Swift. This means that Maruti has started the process of clearing its inventory of the existing Swift cars in their stockyards so that the new Swift bookings can start. As per some dealers, the launch may take place around August 2011, but this information is not confirmed officially. As per the last update we received few weeks back via some reliable resources, the Swift 2011 will most like launch around September or October 2011. But whatever date it is, the fact is that Maruti has started clearing the old stocks to make way for the new model of Swift 2011.


Maruti has already lost some of its sales to its competitors by delaying the launch of new Swift as new Swift could have got more buyers off from the competing cars in favour of the new Swift. With the new Swift Maruti may clock even more sales of already popular Maruti Swift. We just hope that Maruti will reveal some official launch date to clear the clouds of doubt from the mind of buyers and help them make an informed decision in time. We will update you when any official information is announced. You can keep informed by following out official Facebook Page or by signing up for our official free email newsletter.

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