Maruti Swift 2011 Launch Date In India Delayed To September 2011 Due To 13 Days Worker’s Strike In June


It certainly is a bad news for the car buyers who have been waiting endlessly for the launch of new Maruti Swift 2011 in India. While the new version of Suzuki Swift  launched last year in Europe, it is yet to be launched in India. The road trials are on, the production was to start in July 2011, Maruti Suzuki was all set to launch it around July 2011 but an unforeseen event happened. Maruti Suzuki workers at Manesar went on a 13 days long strike! What is worse is that this is the very plant which assembles major cars for Maruti like Maruti Swift and Dzire etc.. Due to this 13 days long strike, Maruti has lost over 12,600 cars production time, which has further increased the waiting period of many of Maruti cars in India.


Considering the present situation, Maruti has further postponed the launch by about 3 more months to Sep 2011. This will mean that Maruti Swift 2011 will hit Indian roads close to Diwali festival season only. I am sure there are thousands of buyers who will get very disappointed to read this information, we also feel bit disappointed with this news.

This delay in launch may also mean some loss of buyers to other cars and other brands which are readily available for delivery. Also there are two new launched lined up before or around the Swift 2011 launch in India, which are Toyota Etios Liva hatchback and Honda Brio small car from Honda SIEL India. Lets see the developments as they happen as these launches will be pretty interesting for Indian car buyers.

via- IAB

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