Maruti SX4 TV Commercials– “Now Men Will Make Everything Else Wait!”


Maruti Suzuki is promoting its latest sedan Maruti SX4 Diesel on TV with not one, but 4 TV commercials which portray the power and muscle of the SX4 Diesel. Usually the mindset of Indian buyers towards the diesel cars is that they are not punchy enough, so the ads target that angle of thought. The campaigns have a common punch line – “Now Men Will Make Everything Else Wait!

These ads show men being indulged in the power and performance of car so much so that that they forget other important things around them. Also one more thing I have observed about the SX4 campaigns is that most of these commercials are gender biased towards men. The creative guys maybe doing it to attract more men as they usually prefer powerful cars, but they must not forget that women also make a large number of car buyers. I would not like to comment further on these commercials, you can have a look at them below. Some of them are kind of funny also.

Maruti SX4 Diesel Commercial

Maruti SX4 Commercial

Maruti SX4 Commercial

Maruti SX4 Commercial

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