Home Car News Mercedes Benz A Class Pictures and Videos– Spied During Video Shoot

Mercedes Benz A Class Pictures and Videos– Spied During Video Shoot

A biker has filmed one of the most talked about Mercedes Benz of the recent times during a video shoot. The images and Video are from Canary Islands where a biker with a camera fitted on to the bike recorded the video embedded inside this article. The new Mercedes is the smallest Mercedes hatchback Mercedes A Class which was recently showcased at the Auto Expo 2012 in New Delhi. We have brought to you come nice and close exclusive pictures of the new A Class, check out the link below for more pictures –

Mercedes A Class Concept Hatchback Comes Auto Expo 2012 In India


image – Mercedes Benz A Class Small Car 3 Door Concept At Auto Expo 2012

Mercedes A Class Concept

image – Mercedes Benz A Class 5 Door Production Version Spied During Video Shoot

The Concept version of Mercedes Benz looks slightly different from the the production version which had a simpler looking front grille, bumper design on the front. However thee design cues are similar. The alloy wheels, side profiles, outside rear view mirrors etc. also look slightly different. The side of the side glass doors are different, the main reason for this is that the concept sedan displayed at the Auto Expo was a 3 door concept with different styling while the production version is a slightly different looking 5 door car with simpler looks and design.

Mercedes A Class Production Version Video Shoot Spy Video

video – Spy Video of Mercedes Benz A Class

Video courtesy – http://www.youtube.com/user/OGOTTnl

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