Mercedes Benz India Highest Sales Ever in Year 2010


Mercedes Benz India sells luxury cars in India, it has been in close competition with the BMW India which is number 1 in luxury car sales for past two years. In the year 2010, Mercedes Benz has recorded its highest ever luxury car sales in India in a calendar year. The luxury car maker sold a total of 5819 cars in India in 2010 compared to 3250 cars in the year 2009, registering a sales growth of about 80% which is a superb increase for any luxury car brand. This strong growth is a a reflection of recovering economy and increasing purchase power of the people in India. The best sellers from Mercedes Benz India has been its C-Class selling 2070 units and E-Class selling 2490 units in the year 2010.


In the year 2010 has also been another record, the highest ever December sales by Mercedes Benz in India. Selling a total of 710 units i n the month of December alone by giving its customers special year end officers and benefits. Lets see if Mercedes can beat BMW India in sales numbers in the year 2011 to take away the No.1 Luxury Car Seller India title.

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