Mitsubishi EVO Axed To Give Way To Electric Vehicles Projects


End Of One Story Is Beginning Of Another, so is the same for Mitsubishi EVO-X, the performance oriented powerful machines from Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi launched EVO X in India at a big price tag of half-a-crore (5 Million) Indian Rupees owing to more than 100% duties levied on the CBU units in India. The car is truly meant for performance and sports enthusiasts who want a thrilling drive and its not targeted at the masses. Mitsubishi has decided to not continue with EVO X and focus its attention on Electric Vehicles for a more secure and green future. With the ever rising petrol prices and the fossil fuels depleting day by day, it makes sense to be prepared for tomorrow today.

I don’t know what more to say than “Good Bye EVO X!

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